Alyssa Milano Joins Forces With Michelle Obama’s Voter Group For New Election Security Web Series

Hollywood actress-turned-radical liberal activist Alyssa Milano just announced that she is teaming up with former First Lady Michelle Obama’s voting organization When We All Vote for a new web series about election security.

Milano Launching Web Series

The six-episode series is called “Own the Vote 2020,” and it will aim to “educate and empower” Americans about voting rules before the election in November. In her announcement about the series, Milano explained that it was her paranoia about the election that led to her wanting to do it.

“I feel like the election is being threatened — everything from insecure voting machines to information warfare to our ability to vote safely,” Milano told The Hollywood Reporter. “So we decided to get some people together to educate and empower the American people on not only election security but also voter rules and regulations for every state.”

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Milano Offers Voting Advice

Milano also made sure to offer her own advice on voting.

“If you can, vote early — in person or mail-in,” the former “Charmed” actress advised. “We have to encourage people to spread out [voting] as much as possible so that the polls are not overwhelmed and the post office is not overwhelmed. It’s really just going to take all of us to preserve this democracy.”

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Besides partnering with Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote, this web series is being produced with the nonprofits Free Speech for People, Let America Vote Action Fund, and Stand Up America.

Milano has shown in recent years that she somehow thinks acting in Hollywood since childhood makes her a political expert. She’s been far better known for her constant rants promoting liberal politics as of late than she has been for her fledgling acting career.

Michelle Trying To Influence Election

It’s no surprise that Michelle has her hand in this as well. Though she has long claimed that When We All Vote is bipartisan, it doesn’t take a genius to see that it is really a group aimed at getting more liberals to vote.

Milano and Michelle are so full of themselves that they undoubtedly think this web series will help them accomplish their goal of seeing Donald Trump lose this election, but we think they are both in for a big surprise come November.

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on September 4, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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