Alyssa Milano Claims Federal Agents Are ‘Terrorizing The Community’ Of Portland

Hollywood actress-turned-activist Alyssa Milano had yet another meltdown on Twitter on Tuesday, this time accusing federal agents of “terrorizing the community” of Portland, Oregon after they were sent in to stop the violent riots that are happening there.

Milano took to Twitter to defend the Portland rioters, conveniently not mentioning the violence they have caused throughout the city. The violent acts that they have carried out include setting both the Portland Police Association and the Portland federal courthouse ablaze, while also assaulting law enforcement officials throughout the city.

Despite this, Milano still tried to make the rioters look like the victims.

“What is happening with the #PortlandProtests should concern everyone,” Milano began. “We are in a fight to save our democracy. People have been taking to the streets to protest against police brutality and systemic racism. Protestors are being abused for exercising their 1st amendment right.”

“Moms, dads, parents, kids, and more are chanting, singing, standing, marching, sitting, day after day and night after night to demand justice for the far too many Black lives taken by police. But their calls for change have only been met by even more brutality,” she added.

“Police & federal agents are terrorizing the community, threatening lives, and attacking people simply for protesting police brutality,” Milano concluded. “This is not law and order. This is lawlessness — it must be stopped. Trump’s lawlessness must end.”

President Donald Trump has committed to putting a stop to these violent riots in Portland, as they have gone way too far. These protests have been made worse by the inaction of Mayor Ted Wheeler (D), who is instead focused on making federal agents leave his city, claiming that they are engaging in “unconstitutional terror tactics.”

Trump, however, is not having any of it.

“These are anarchists,” Trump said on Monday. “These are not protesters. People say ‘protesters’; these people are anarchists. These are people that hate our country. And we’re not going to let it go forward.”

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on July 22, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • Milano constantly makes comments that are just plain ignorant, or dumb ! She feels like she has to get her "Two Cents" into any events that involve "Trump". She is a Trump HATER, like so many Hollywood dolts, and feels compelled to spout off, at every opportunity. What Trump did, was 100% RIGHT !

  • Wonder if she'd be so vocal in defense of the protesters if they were at the bottom of her street ?

  • She's waiting at home for them to show up, so she can serve them milk and cookies, as they burn HER mansion down to the ground...

  • Why hasn't milano joined the protesters in Portland...because she hasn't got the guts....hide away in lala land libbie loser.

  • I can't believe how despicable democrats have become that they endorse violence and killing over being a patriotic American.

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