Al Franken Welcomed by Dems, Says He May Run Again

Al Franken made his first public appearance since resigning in disgrace from the Senate amidst sexual misconduct allegations, and he says he’s considering running for office again. The comment came during an interview with CBS Minnesota’s Esme Murphy, who asked if Franken would ever consider running for office again. In case you’ve forgotten, not all Congressional Democrats were even on board with the calls for Franken’s resignation following allegations of groping and unwanted kissing surfacing at the end of 2017.

I seriously doubt a Republican who resigned amidst credible accusations of sexual misconduct from eight women would score a light-hearted interview with any news network, or be asked whether or not they’d give public office another shot. “Well, see, if I say anything there you will put it in the story. I don’t know. I haven’t ruled it out, and I haven’t ruled it in,” Franken said.

The question came after Franken thanked the network for warmly welcoming him in. “That means a lot to me. It was very moving for me. It was very gratifying. I put my heart in the job,” Franken said. “I miss the whole job. I loved that job, I loved the job as Senator. It was very meaningful for me and bittersweet, I would like to still be there,” he added.

Watch below:

When Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore faced sexual misconduct allegations, the voters in deep-Red Alabama did something they seldom ever do and voted for the Democrat instead. When Franken resigns in disgrace, Democrats ask when he’s coming back.

Aren’t Democrats the ones that claim to be the champions of women? For all their talk, it’s noticeable that the majority of those taken down in the “#MeToo” era have leaned left. I guess Franken’s fans think he’ll be on his best behavior a second time around? Who knows, but hopefully the voters of Minnesota aren’t willing to give that a try.


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  • Keep in mind, DEMON-O-RATS said that they would vote for hildabeast, in the 2016 election, even if she were in jail.

  • I say, bring him on. Any Republican could beat that creep. On second thought, we're talking Minnesota. Check out their voting record. Those people are wacky.

  • Great

    Al Franken was a very good Senator. As far as a creep, look to the degenerate buffoon you Yahoos voted for.

  • Nice...
    Another molester is back in the DNC camp...
    Must be a first opening shots and Gambit to normalize Pedophilia..

  • Your tribe voted for the pussy grabber, not mine. To avoid overgeneralization, remember that you are not like everyone in your tribe, so don't expect everyone in another tribe to have the bad characteristics you see in your examples and I will not assume you all are alike too. However, overlooking the sexually predatory nature of Trump's history and to instead redirect the finger of blame to Franken's pranks and unsubstantiated accusations or any other Democrat you can point fingers at, is self serving and hypocritical. Hold your leaders accountable. We did.
    Franken was a political target not a perpetrator, but he was forced to resign because he lost a lot of people's trust. Roger Stone had his finger prints all over this one. If anyone bothered to read the link I provided below, you would know there is good reason to believe he is innocent of anything more than being sophomoric. One more thing. Get serious. No one has tried to normalize pedophilia since Milo Yiannopoulos lost his book deal.

  • Believe a comment from his wife that they have had too much time together...what would they
    talk about..his flirtations with the other women?...Yeah...he's back, he NEVER was going anywhere,
    just thought the public would FORGET HIS DEEDS...I don't think so..Minnesota is into Muslims
    now..maybe no room for the "ME TOO" crowd, but then Minnesota takes any Democrat who
    can lie their way out of anything...

  • It never ceases to amaze me how the faults of the dear leader are projected onto the opposition in the minds of loyalists. So far the Washington post has documented 3,251 false or misleading claims uttered by Trump, and counting since he became president. Trump assassinates the character of journalists because they ruin his con if you pay attention to the truth too much. Instead, he recommends only the web of friendly conservative propagandists, like this one, so you only hear what they want you to hear.

  • Al the pig franken is running again really ???will women vote for this dumocrat masher/groper.If they do that will be another dumocratic lie they promote>>> the idea that they protect women..

  • Apparently, in your zeal to take the high ground, you have dehumanized former Senator Franken and judged him guilty of all accusations. I believe your partisan bias is getting in the way of your better judgment. The things Franken was accused of were not even close to what your president has been accused of. Trump has his own Wiki page of sexual accusation. But you don't believe any of that, do you.

  • Need fresh young prey and can't find any without the DEMS to help? Al Franken is a slime ball in a suit. We should have a sign printed that says..Sexual Deviates like Al Franken are not needed in our government. We have enough corruption, do we really need to add a sexual pervert to the mix...I thought we were done with this when Bill Clinton left Office.

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