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al franken supreme court illegitimate
May 1, 2023
In a very dangerous attack on our democracy, Franken sat down with the Washington Post to help erode the legitimacy of our institutions.
al franken run for office
September 14, 2021
In an interview with on Monday, Al Franken was asked about any future run for office he may make after being disgraced.
Joy Behar Toobin
June 15, 2021
Joy Behar defended CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin amidst the masturbation scandal, saying it “shows how boring Zoom calls are.”
Former Minnesota Senator Al Franken said disinformation in America is creating "a very dangerous situation," accusing supporters of Donald Trump of believing his "practically treasonous" lies.
May 10, 2021
Al Franken said disinformation is creating “a very dangerous situation,” accusing Donald Trump believing “practically treasonous” lies.
Meghan McCain Behar
March 15, 2021
Meghan McCain smacked down Joy Behar on “The View” after she tried to defend Andrew Cuomo from sexual misconduct claims.
March 4, 2021
Meghan McCain just torched Governor Andrew Cuomo as “a pig and a pervert” over his sexual harassment claims.
Behar Cuomo
March 2, 2021
Joy Behar called on Democrats to use the “Republican model” and “ignore everything” on the Andrew Cuomo allegations.
February 25, 2021
Joy Behar called for Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh to be investigated if New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is to be probed.
April 2, 2019
43-year-old Amy Lappos told The Courant on Monday that Joe Biden should not seek the White House in 2020 and […]
Al Franken interview
July 31, 2018
During a recent Al Franken interview, the former Senator revealed that he would consider another run for office in the near future
Richard Painter ad
June 19, 2018
U.S. Senate Candidate Richard Painter, who is running as a Democrat in Minnesota, put this ad out yesterday that is perhaps the more bizarre
Bill Clinton Al Franken
June 11, 2018
Things got awkward last week when Bill Clinton was asked his opinion on the anti-sexual harassment “#MeToo” movement on NBC […]