A New Low for Democrats! What They Plan to Do When Netanyahu Makes His Speech to Congress

Shortly after Speaker Boehner announced that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be addressing a joint session of Congress next month, it was made clear by the White House that President Obama will not grant Netanyahu a visit. Secretary of State John Kerry also quickly made it known that he would be a no show. The reason given was proximity to the Israeli election but some of Obama’s campaign staffers have since shown up in Israel in an attempt to defeat Netanyahu in his reelection bid.

Netanyahu’s speech will likely focus on radical Islamic terrorists and the need for new sanctions against a hostile Iran. President Obama is currently siding with Iran on this topic and is opposed to sanctions.

In another rebuke to our strong ally, many Democrats now are debating not attending the Prime Minister’s speech. Vice President Joe Biden, who is also Senate president, has not confirmed his attendance. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is not supportive of allowing Netanyahu to address Congress at this time. She previously said the invitation was inappropriate.



“With all the respect in the world for the prime minister, and all the love in the world for the State of Israel, I don’t know that even everyone in Israel is supportive of the invitation.”

The White House claims it is not actively advising Democrats boycott the Prime Minister’s speech. An aide said Tuesday, “We defer to Democratic members if they’d like to attend or not.”

Netanyahu will be addressing pro-Israel lobbying group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). AIPAC Spokesman Marshall Whitman supports the speech.

“We encourage all members of Congress to attend this important speech by the Israeli Prime Minister.”

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H/T: The Times of Israel

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