This New Hillary-Themed Food Idea Just Made Me SCREAM

hillary ice cream

This will put a bad taste in your mouth. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) has just proposed creating a new ice cream flavor for Hillary Clinton. She announced on Twitter, “Just pitched Jerry of @BenandJerry’s on a new flavor: The HRC – Herstoric Raspberry Chocolate!”

Bernie Sanders has his own ice cream flavor “Bernie’s Yearning” that was created by Ben of Ben and Jerry’s, but not under the B&J brand. Now Sen. Boxer is pitching to Jerry. He says he’ll use his “best ice cream judgement,” so I’m thinking this is a no go…

If this flavor ever comes to fruition it will mark the first time in history I am not screaming FOR ice cream, but am screaming while running away from it!

Get the scoop on which ice cream flavors the other candidates should be:

What do YOU think? Will “Herstoric Raspberry Chocolate” ice cream be a success? And what would you name Trump, Cruz, and Kasich’s ice cream flavors? Let us know in the comments below!

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