‘You Guys’ Won’t Believe the Words Woke Google Bosses Have On Their ‘Inclusive Language Dossier’ for Staff

Google bosses have dispersed an "inclusive language dossier" to their employees in the United Kingdom asking them to stop using common phrases that could be deemed politically incorrect.
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Oh, the number of ‘man hours’ Google put into this project had to be off the charts, ‘you guys.’

Google bosses have dispersed an “inclusive language dossier” to their employees in the United Kingdom asking them to stop using common phrases that could be deemed politically incorrect.

The list of words includes the requisite smattering of those which incorporate the word ‘black,’ because that’s not a common color for everyday objects or a useful adjective.

‘Black Box,’ ‘Blacklist,’ and ‘Blackhole’ all fail to make the cut in Google’s “inclusive language dossier.”

To be fair, ‘Whitelist’ is also on the … colorless list. But we have to assume that’s because it would convey some sort of supremacy by allowing its use over ‘Blacklist.’

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Google Trying to Ban Words With ‘Inclusive Language Dossier’

Isn’t it simply amazing watching woke liberals run around setting their hair on fire over certain pornographic materials being banned from elementary schools in Florida and screaming about it being a ‘book ban’?

All the while trying to actually ban certain individual words for grown adults because they might be offended?

Who are the real fascists here, you guys?

Ah, speaking of which, Google apparently is under the impression that women are so fragile that any use of words with male connotations is now frowned upon in their ‘inclusive language dossier.’

Thus, ‘You Guys’ and ‘Man Hours’ are now passé.

Oh, the hu-man-ity!

The Google dossier also discourages use of the word ‘Chubby.’ Cartman from “South Park” would be so happy to know that the search engine’s employees will have to shift to using the phrase ‘big boned.’

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Words That Offend

The Daily Mail found at least one employee who found Google’s effort to ban words through their ‘inclusive language dossier’ a little off-putting.

The employee said staff had essentially been ignoring the new directive.

“We’re much too busy to be worried about whether some totally harmless phrase that’s been used for years might upset someone, somewhere,” they said.

Amen. Or should we say ‘Awomen’?

Oh hell, the libs have that covered too.

Which is odd, considering Democrats despise women so much that they eliminated gendered language from the official House rules in 2021.

And naturally the lunacy has infected academia.

Stanford University, less than five months ago, published a list of words they’d like to eliminate from the public discourse on campus.

One of the offensive words according to Stanford? ‘American.’

Oddly enough, their list also included the phrase ‘You Guys’, you guys.

Google has indicated the ‘inclusive language dossier’ is simply being offered as “editorial guidelines for writing clear and consistent Google-related developer documentation.”

Why would the phrase ‘You Guys’ ever appear in an official tech document or developer text?

They deny the dossier is a ban and insist other companies like Apple and Microsoft have similar suggestions.

“This is not us banning words in the workplace,” they told the Daily Mail.

“These recommendations are not new, they’re from years ago and are part of an industry-wide move to introduce more inclusive language into coding languages.”

The vast number of Google employees worldwide are men.

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