The man pictured above is Major Richard “Dick” Winters and he is the inspiration for the main character of the Band of Brothers miniseries. Winters has seen his share of fighting in wars as he is a veteran of World War II. Many members of the armed forces who went to fight came back trying to forget what they saw. Some talked about it as therapy while many others remained quiet.

Winters’ stories became a huge success on HBO when they created Band of Brothers and the network used him for a lot of the background information. Winters’ grandson didn’t know that much about his time in the service and what he did, so one day he asked his grandfather was he a “hero” in the war.

During an interview, Winters recalled that question and the way he answered would send chills down your spine.

WW2 Veteran

From War History Online:

Winters was born on 21 January 1918. He served in the United States Army.

Winters was made a lieutenant and parachuted into Normandy on D-Day, 6 June 1944. In September he parachuted into German-occupied Netherlands as part of an unsuccessful invasion codenamed Operation Market Garden.

Later he served as a commander with the rank of Major of the 2nd Battalion (E Company, popularly known as Easy Company) at the Siege of Bastogne in Belgium in December 1944 and joined in the invasion of Germany. E Company was part of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

After Nazi Germany had surrendered, Richard Winters left the 506th Regiment and helped in the huge task of sending millions of American soldiers home. He then left active service in the United States Army but returned in 1951 to train soldiers for the Korean War (1950 – 1953).

Watch this touching moment below:

Was that powerful or what? The HBO series “Band of Brothers” was based on a lot of factual events described by Winters. What he had to say was like lightning striking the bone. His sincerity and willingness to give the title of hero to his company were so awesome.

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