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Editor’s note: This article incorrectly described Yuval Noah Harari as a senior advisor to the World Economic Forum. While Dr. Harari has a bio on the website, he has no official capacity with the organization.

In the last few months, Congress has held hearings on the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ranging from its possible positive use to its already nefarious attributes, such as hackers’ abilities to use AI software to steal the voices of your family members and use them to manipulate you into believing they have been kidnapped. Plus, the almost equally as devastating news that AI has been used to recreate John Lennon on the latest Beatles album.

Even Elon Musk, who tends to champion technological advancements as beneficial to humanity, has warned that AI could have devastating consequences for society. However, not everyone is cautious about AI; some would like to reshape the world using this new technology, and spoiler alert – it’s a terrifying idea.

Like most concepts that seem better kept in science fiction-themed dystopian novels, the latest new task idea for AI comes from one of the senior advisors of the World Economic Forum. His vision – use AI to write a new and improved Bible.

Poor Gutenberg

In a recent event titled “AI and the Future of Humanity” WEF senior advisor Yuval Noah Harari said of AI:

“It’s the first technology ever that can create new ideas. You know, the printing press, radio, television, they broadcast, they spread the ideas created by the human brain, by the human mind. They cannot create a new idea.”

Mr. Harari goes on to minimize the awesomeness of the Gutenberg Bible by stating:

“You know, (Johannes) Gutenberg printed the Bible in the middle of the 15th century; the printing press printed as many copies of the Bible as Gutenberg instructed it, but it did not create a single new page.”

His final rebuke of the Gutenberg printing press points out the obvious about this man-made machine:

“It had no ideas of its own about the Bible: Is it good? Is it bad? How to interpret this? How to interpret that?”

Good Lord. You can see where this is going, right?

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Besides the fact that AI is man-made, just as the printing press was making it also incapable of creating new ideas, the Gutenberg Bible is symbolic of more than just some photocopied manuscript. Johannes’ man-made mindless printing press allowed for the spread of knowledge and new ideas, and the Gutenberg Bible, in particular, was the catalyst for the Protestant Revolution. 

But, Mr. Harari thinks AI could create a better Bible.

A False Idol

Mr. Harari gets to his ultimate point by landing this chilling idea:

“AI can create new ideas; (it) can even write a new Bible.”

It’s somewhat amusing that he talks about writing a new Bible as if it would be a reboot of an old classic, like the Denzel Washington Magnificent Seven or the refreshed “Battlestar Galactica.” The whole point of the Bible is that there is only one; there can’t be another.

He goes on to explain why he thinks an AI-written Bible would be ideal for humanity:

“Throughout history, religions dreamt about having a book written by a superhuman intelligence, by a non-human entity. In a few years, there might be religions that are actually correct…just think about a religion whose holy book is written by an AI.”

I’d argue Christians already have a book written by a superhuman intelligence – God. That’s kind of the whole point.

And if you think the WEF is just after Christians, think again – this idea pitched by Mr. Harari would also mean a rewritten Quran and Torah. 

WEF would have rewritten these religious texts into something they deem “more correct” because they were written by the technology they built with their algorithms. 

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Why It Matters

Holy Books act as guidebooks for humanity. They lay out rules of engagement with one another, nature, and strangers and explain our place in the universe. 

Books like the Bible provide meaning and hope and help explain our relationship with our Creator. The same can be said of the Quran, Torah, and any other religious texts. 

To have a Holy Book written by AI and elevated as “the one true religion” is dangerous because a higher power wouldn’t write it. AI operates within the confines of the algorithms built by its creator, which is man, making it inherently flawed.

Mr. Harari’s idea has nothing to do with unification or enlightenment but everything to do with the WEF’s ultimate goal of control and power. And if you think this is some pie-in-the-sky random idea that won’t touch your life anytime soon, let me remind you that the WEF first pitched banning gas appliances, 15-minute cities, ESG investing, and eating bugs. 

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Mr. Harari, in particular, openly advocates for removing basic principles of humanity for the sake of control.

Take this quote from another event:

“Humans are now hackable animals. The whole idea that humans have this soul or spirit and they have free will, and nobody knows what’s happening inside me, so whatever I choose, whether in the election or whether in the supermarket, this is my free will – that’s over.”

What a lovely sentiment; this guy could be a supervillain from a comic book with lines like that.

Not A New Idea

To give Mr. Harari some slack, he isn’t the only person to have posed this idea of using AI to write a new Bible. Earlier this year, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) used AI to rewrite the Bible, calling it ‘The Book: PETA’s Version of the Creation Story.’ 

In PETA’s new AI version of the Bible, there are specific changes to the original Holy Book:

  • Cain doesn’t kill Abel
  • Nimrod quits hunting
  • Hagar is a chef
  • Isaac is a dog
  • Pharaoh’s butler and baker both live
  • Pharaoh dreams of veganism and not a famine
  • An abundance of soy and almond milk references

It hardly resembles the original Bible and, like most remakes, isn’t nearly as good. Even the Church of England is getting in on possible rewrites of the Bible.

The Church of England said they would explore options to rewrite the Bible to make God gender-neutral.

Mr. Harari is clearly not a believer in The Good Word:

“Fake news has been with us for thousands of years. Just think of the Bible.”

Whether you are a believer or not, we should be wary of anyone or any group that wants to rewrite the Bible or any other Holy Book. These books hold meaning for billions of people, and the belief that people have in these books helps to guide our civilizations.

The idea of a Holy Book written by man-made AI and worshipped by the world guiding our morality, while an excellent premise for a new television series, is a terrible idea in reality. 

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