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I Worked With Classified Info In The Military. Here’s How Hillary Is Lying


I served in the Air Force eight years and was discharged with an honorable discharge. I was privy to classified secrets for the job that I was given. One thing I have not seen discussed in this Hillary Clinton email/dedicated server issue is that it takes highly classified and restricted technology to put information into a closed loop communication, and it takes the same technology at the other end to receive it.

Anyone tapping into this closed loop without this technology would get gibberish. Who passed this information to Hillary in an open form? Was it sent before it entered the secure system or after it was received at the other end? Who did it? Are they being squeezed? The arrogance of storing this information on an unsecured server is outrageous.

From AFP:

Asked on ABC’s “This Week” about her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state — including the 22 documents that the State Department said Friday are now considered “top secret” — Clinton again insisted she had done nothing wrong.

She said the emails were not classified as secret at the time and should all now be released, adding: “Let the public see them. Let’s move on.”

Clinton said that some emails might have been given upgraded classifications because they linked to newspaper articles about classified matters.

“That would be retroactively overclassifying a public newspaper article,” she said.

Clinton blamed her Republican detractors for politicizing the issue.

“This is very much like Benghazi,” she said, referring to the 2012 attack on a US diplomatic mission in that Libyan city that left four Americans dead.

“It’s clear that they’re grasping at straws,” Clinton said. She added that the timing of leaks and reports about the emails seemed “concerning.”

If she told the truth, that it was “an error of judgement,” even if there were no criminal issues for her to worry about, she’d have just disqualified herself from the Presidency since “good judgement” is the cornerstone of the job. It’s a shame that no one of substance stood up to her and told her to go away a year ago.

As we already know, she sent emails that were above “Top Secret.” Here’s a recap:

Now the Dems are saddled with her, and there’s a good chance the USA will have to endure at least for the term of her as president.


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