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New Jersey Mother Given Ticket After Calling Santa on the Phone

A New Jersey mother-of-three ended up with a traffic citation and a hefty fine after being spotted by a police officer carrying out her threat to call Santa in a bid to force her children to behave.

Many parents have been at this place — when you have children in the back of the car, not listening, and causing trouble. During the Christmas season, parents might think a phone call to Santa might help calm the environment. That was in a past era. Today, in the wrong state, that can net you a $145 fine.

In this story by the Trentonian, the mother, identified only as Rachel, pretended to call Santa Claus to calm her children down. Her goal was to frighten the kids, aged 2, 4, and 6, enough using the “naughty list” trick.

The one major problem with this plan…..she was driving while using her phone.

While explaining to Old Saint Nick that her girls’ had been disrespectful, mom was pulled over by a police patrolman, who put her on a naughty list of his own.

‘I’m guessing I’m the first person to ever get a ticket for talking to Santa Claus,’ she told The Trentonian.

After the cop spotted her, it was another three miles before he pulled her over. She must have been really getting into that call because when she passed the cop she threw her phone to the ground.

“I told the officer my girls weren’t behaving and that I had to call Santa Claus,” the mother, who had recently moved from their Lawrenceville home. “I was trying to make him understand without giving it up,” she said. “And he’s just looking at me like I’m crazy.”

He was probably looking at her like she was guilty. Driving and talking on a cell phone is illegal in New Jersey. She was trying to give her children a lesson, but she got one instead. If you choose to do this, please be careful.

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