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Child Catches Santa on Camera on Christmas Morning

Many of us have heard the tales, and history has foretold of his arrival each and every year but never before has it been capture like in this video below.

Seven-year-old Evan wanted to get proof that Santa had been to his house, so his brother helped him set up a camera. What they caught on tape will last a lifetime.

In all honesty, I was not expecting Santa to teleport into the house. Does Evan’s house not have a chimney? If so, that may be how he gets into houses without chimneys. There is no way his parents could have edited that video on Apple. I don’t even know how to do those special effects. That truly was Santa. You know I am kidding right?

On Christmas morning, Evan and his family gathered to see what was recorded.

Wow, amazing footage! I’m sure he’ll let you off with a warning! Don’t try it again, you might make the naughty list! Amazing, kid. I truly wish I were you!

I feel good watching this short video, the reaction of the boy is priceless. This is pure innocent joy. Let the kids be kids, let them feel loved and special, let them believe in Santa, Superheroes, Angels, and Magic. They grow up too fast, but these kinds of memories from childhood will never be forgotten.

That reminds me of the time when I was a little kid. I miss the times when I would be the first in my family to wake up. I would open my eyes then run over to the Christmas tree and see tons of presents. Then I would wake everyone up and I would feel like the happiest kid on earth. Ahh, good times.

Nice to see that he actually eats the cookies instead of disposing of them in the trash.

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