Woman Fakes Cancer, Gets Taxpayers to Pay For Late Term Abortion


Chalice Renee Zeitner was arrested for committing Medicaid fraud in Arizona. She forged a doctor’s note detailing that she had cancer and a late term abortion was medically required and therefore covered by Medicaid. Zeitner’s aborted child was born alive and lived for twenty minutes after being delivered. The tab was picked up by taxpayers.

Zeitner was twenty two weeks pregnant when her child was aborted. A recent study points to children at this gestation are viable to survive outside of the womb.


The fraud was later discovered when Zeitner returned to the doctor who aborted her child to deliver another child who was full term. The doctor realized that Zeitner never had cancer after verifying with the oncologist whose signature Zeitner forged in order to get her late term abortion covered by Medicaid.

Zeitner is charged with fraud, theft, and forgery.

What would you tell this woman who lied and had taxpayers pay the bill for her late term abortion?  Please comment below.

H/T: CNS News

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