Willie Nelson Forced to Cancel 3 California Shows Following Illness


We have just learned that Willie Nelson’s health is improving enough that he is expected to perform several upcoming shows in Texas.

Willie Nelson is one of the most iconic country music legends in American history, entertaining millions of fans for over 50 years. While Nelson continues to tour vigorously to this day, the musician just made a tragic announcement that stunned his fans. We have just learned that Nelson was forced to postpone three upcoming shows in California at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace in Bakersfield due to an undisclosed illness. Given his advanced age, his health needs to be taken seriously.

From Fox News:

[Publicist Elaine] Schock gave no details on Nelson’s sickness, but she says he plans to be back on the road again for a Feb. 16 concert at a San Antonio rodeo. It’s the second time in recent weeks the 83-year-old country legend has missed shows because of sickness — he canceled two of his five shows in Las Vegas in late January because of a bad cold. The singer-songwriter behind hits like “On the Road Again” told The AP recently that he’ll release a new album this spring called “God’s Problem Child.”

In recent years, Willie Nelson has experienced several health incidents that have forced him to cancel shows around the country. In 2015, The Political Insider reported that Nelson was forced to reschedule half of a tour he was set to perform with fellow music legend Merle Haggard. At the time, Nelson’s aides would not specify what illness forced him to cancel half his tour.

In 2016, Nelson suffered another tragedy when his talented guitarist Jackie King passed away at the age of 71 after suffering a heart attack. At the time of King’s death, Nelson provided some touching thoughts to remember his dear friend:

I think of myself more now as a songwriter than I do a guitar player because of guys like Jackie King. It’s humbling to be in the presence of that kind of talent.

In addition to entertaining millions of fans worldwide, Willie Nelson has also made headlines for his politics and his faith. In 2015, following the Paris terrorist attack, Nelson issued a powerful rebuke to ISIS, posting on his Facebook page the simple line “What happened to peace on Earth,” followed by a powerful YouTube video that reminds everyone what’s really important in life. Several years earlier, Nelson refused to bow down to political correctness and proudly sang a religious song entitled “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?” during a national television tribute honoring the late musician Johnny Cash. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Nelson and his entire family. We pray that Nelson has a speedy recovery! 

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