Will Kentucky Basketball Player Get Free Pass for Slur on Open Mic?

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What took place in front of a nationally televised audience after the Kentucky/ Wisconsin NCAA final four game on Saturday night between them still has the nation talking this morning. Kentucky basketball player Andrew Harrison muffled “F** that n**” when receiving a question from the media regarding Wisconsin’s top player Frank Kaminsky. See the clip below.

Let’s take a page from Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech and disregard color and judge this basketball player, who has a four-year scholarship by a prominent learning institution, by the content of his character. If it helps, pretend he is white and then what would the media do? Where are you Al Sharpton? There is racism afoot. Where is the next Barack Obama press conference? Why is the White House silent on this nationally televised racist comment?

Just a few short weeks ago, The University of Oklahoma fraternity was closed after a video began circulating online that reportedly shows several young OU frat brothers chanting, “There will never be a n*** SAE.”

We are who we are when we think no one is listening or seeing! Wonder how strong the apology would be if he thought no one heard it or saw it! It sure runs both ways, 

Watch the following clip.

Racial slurs are racial slurs no matter who says them. If you agree, share this story and comment below.

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