Whoopi Goldberg Claims ‘Black People Still Are Where We Were Under The Emancipation Proclamation’

On Tuesday, “The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg said that black people were “where we were under the Emancipation Proclamation” during an interview with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer about the Democrats’ voting rights legislation.

Goldberg made her remarks during a discussion on the left-leaning show’s Tuesday program.

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Goldberg: ‘I still feel like suddenly black people still are where we were under the Emancipation Proclamation’

Goldberg said to Schumer, “You vowed to call a vote on major voting rights legislation in time for Martin Luther King Day next week. I just want – I want to ask you this because it’s irritating me to the nth degree.”

“Why are we still talking about my right as an American to vote?” asked Goldberg.

Goldberg then brought up the Emancipation Proclamation.

“I still feel like suddenly black people still are where we were under the Emancipation Proclamation,” Goldberg said. “What is happening? Why are we still fighting this way? What’s – what’s going to change?”

Schumer replied, “You’re 100% right, and it’s not just staying the same. It’s going to get worse if we don’t do something.”

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Schumer: ‘They’re aiming it at people of color’

“What happened is this, Donald Trump spread the big lie that the election was fraudulent,” Schumer added. “Of course, it wasn’t. He had no evidence, but state legislatures, only Republicans, very partisan, no Democrats, are now making it harder for people to vote based on that false big lie that the election was fraudulent.”

Schumer said that racial minorities were being targeted.

“But they’re not aiming it at everybody,” Schumer said. “They’re aiming it at people of color. They’re aiming it at poor people. They’re aiming it at students. They’re aiming it at the elderly. They’re aiming it at the disabled.”

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  • we had president of color
    and we have vp of color
    press sec of color
    congress people of color
    judges of color
    senators of color
    governors of color
    so they are voted in so how is voting for people of color an issue
    do they chose to vote for it is their right to chose to vote
    and also
    billionaires of color
    millionaires of color

  • according to history , slavery was created in Africa by the powerful Kings and Queens of Africa , not the other way around

  • The last person, if I were black, I would ask for help is a democrat. They have been the enemy of the black man since day one. They have done everything in their power to keep you on the plantation(inner cities). They talk a good game but have done nothing for your race. Whoopie is just a fool who will say anything to get ratings for that is what pays her salary. She's no different than the other charlatan Al Sharpton

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