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Voice of America/Public Domain
April 11, 2024
While most racial minorities in the United States still align more with the Democratic party, Republicans are making gains with…
illinois gun penalties
Screenshot: BlueRoomStream, The Center Square
December 19, 2022
Opposition to a proposed ban on semi-automatic guns and certain magazines in Illinois is coming from all sides, including minority…
minority voters GOP
Latino Voters: YouTube Screen Shot-Wall Street Journal
July 19, 2022
The gap between minority and white voters is getting a bit less pronounced. Will the Democrats bother to find out…
Whoopi Goldberg Claims ‘Black People Still Are Where We Were Under The Emancipation Proclamation’
January 12, 2022
"The View's" Whoopi Goldberg said that black people were “where we were under the Emancipation Proclamation” during an interview
When Asked Whether Vaccine Mandates Will Hurt People Of Color, Psaki Evades Question
August 6, 2021
White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked NYC vaccine mandates impact racial minorities disproportionately, sidestepped the question.
Al Sharpton
July 14, 2021
Al Sharpton declared we "cannot sit by and allow them to erode our voting rights" during an appearance on MSNBC.
tulsi gabbard lightfoot
May 24, 2021
Tulsi Gabbard called Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s decision to only grant interviews to black and brown journalists was "anti-white racism."
October 19, 2020
Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden now claims he made mistakes to support some of the 1994 Crime Bill he authored.
September 7, 2020
Senator Elizabeth Warren and other far-left Democrats introduced legislation that would categorize racism as a “public health crisis.”
Saturday Night Live
March 3, 2020
A black pastor has fired back at "Saturday Night Live" actor Chris Redd after he mocked black leaders who visited…
Obama Trump
February 17, 2020
Donald Trump just fired back at Barack Obama after the former president tried to take credit for the current economic…
January 28, 2020
A new Gallup poll indicates that satisfaction with race relations and the position of minorities in America have increased since…