Do not adjust your television. You aren’t crazy.

Yes – the far-left hosts of “The View” actually got it right for once – slamming Democrat Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams after she took a photo while maskless in a room full of masked school children.

Abrams’ photo caused much controversy after it was circulated on social media on Monday.

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Not Even ‘The View’ Can Stomach The Hypocrisy

Abrams visited Georgia’s Glennwood Elementary School, posting the pictures of herself smiling without a mask while surrounded by small children who are masked up, on Twitter before quickly taking them down after backlash ensued. 

After getting well-deserved criticism, Abrams claimed that the criticism was a ‘false political attack’ during Black History Month:

“The View” co-host Joy Behar said Abrams should have “read the room.” Behar called Abrams “one of the most intelligent people in politics,” but said her maskless photo was in poor judgment.

Co-host Sunny Hostin even called out Abrams’ trying to insinuate the criticism was racial, saying, “this has nothing to do with Black History Month. The point is she was not wearing a mask when she is one of those proponents of mask mandates,” Hostin added.

The ladies also mocked Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who despite having a mask mandate in his city, took a maskless photo with basketball legend Magic Johnson at the NFC Championship Game. His excuse? He said he “held his breath.” 

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Still – The GOP Is The Devil

Yet Behar still said that despite all this hypocrisy from pro-mandate yet often maskless Democrat politicians, anti-mandate Republican Govs. Ron DeSantis and Gov. Greg Abbott were still far more “destructive” than Abrams’ “slipping up.”

Hostin said that she “doesn’t necessarily believe that politicians are role models anymore.”

But that in her eyes Abrams still is a role model and that “you want better” from such role models.

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