White House Christmas Tree Mimics President Biden, Falls Over

The National Christmas Tree crashed to the ground outside the White House prompting critics to suggest it just might be a metaphor for President Biden and his administration.
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The National Christmas Tree crashed to the ground outside the White House, prompting critics to suggest it just might be a metaphor for President Biden and his administration.

The incident took place just days before Biden was to light it in a ceremony where a Christmas tree has been placed for one hundred years.

Strong winds were blamed for the toppling of the Tannenbaum, but several observers suggested it was a sign.

Or a fitting result considering the President himself frequently struggles to remain upright.

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White House Christmas Tree Takes a Tumble – Is It a Sign?

The White House Christmas tree taking a tumble led to several responses on social media of the snarky variety.

“Well, it makes sense, given that a stiff breeze blows Biden over too,” quipped Students for Life president Kristen Hawkins.

Politicial commentator Andrew Malcolm called the incident “a perfect metaphor for Joe Biden’s reign of weakness.”

“It’s the perfect reminder of how Biden has ruined everything in America this holiday season,” comedian Tim Young chided.

I’d like to give the White House Christmas tree a little more credit. Rather than falling, perhaps it was trying to distance itself from a failing administration run by a failing President.

Note to the fact-checkers – I’m well aware trees can’t run. But maybe, just maybe, this one tried to get as far away from the White House as possible.

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National Tree Lighting Led to Your Usual Biden Blunders

The annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree is always a tenuous situation for President Biden. He encountered the usual scenario where he began to walk off toward the wrong side of the stage.

Something that happens with such regularity you’d think his handlers would draw arrows on the stage or tell him to go to the exact opposite side instead.

Oddly enough, something very similar happened to President Biden at last year’s tree-lighting ceremony. You have to love the dazed and confused look on his face before he shuffled off the stage carrying the mic with him.

Like the Christmas tree, President Biden often falls flat on his face.

In June, President Joe Biden tripped and fell over a sandbag while giving a speech at the Air Force Academy graduation.

He hit the trifecta against the stairs on Air Force One in 2021.

The stairs got the best of him again as he tried to board Air Force One in Poland earlier this year.

Former President Donald Trump mocked Biden for having to use the “children’s stairs”, something his staff is insisting on in order to make his inability to walk less noticeable.

National Park Services came to the rescue – for the Christmas tree, not Biden – shortly thereafter it went down and lifted it back into position.

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