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‘We Have Him On Tape With Corruption’: Trump Says Biden Is ‘Falling Like A Rock’

Chris White on October 10, 2019

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that former Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged corruption is causing him to disappear from the presidential race.

“He’s falling like a rock. We have him on tape with corruption,” Trump said at the White House, referring to a tape of Biden discussing his decision to urge Ukraine to oust what the Obama administration believed was a corrupt prosecutor. “I don’t think he’s going to make it.”


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  • Talk is cheap (as they're probably just a bunch of lies, as we know Trump is an expert at it). Biden was following American foreign policy and trying to get rid of corruption in Ukraine, as in removing a corrupt prosecutor, which the EU agreed with, and not extort them for some "trumped" up charge that Trump says happened, yet he can't get a criminal investigation started here, if he really has all this evidence that he keeps talking about? What is he, POTUS or Bozo the Clown? It's all distraction to take away from his fear of losing the election in 2020 to Biden, and trying to through dirt on him, even if it means to lie on national TV. Come on Guiliani, if you got the guts, get that so called evidence out, and as an American citizen and lawyer file a case in Federal court against the Bidens, since Trump can't seen to get his own "lame brain" DOJ puppet Bar to do it for him.

  • These people are the DC Swamp, spending decades enriching themselves at the cost of the very people they proclaim to be working for. President Trump is fulfilling his promise to drain that swamp and expose the corruption that has gone on for far too long. We all want to see these people's corruption exposed, have them charged and sentenced. We should all write to the politicians of our own states, demand real actions, or vote them all out of office......it's time to remind them all that we have the power, the power of the vote, and we must be willing to use it. President Trump needs another 4 years in which he will further deliver on his promises.
    MAGA 2020

  • Hunter Biden's boutique Fund was working as a unregistered agent of Red China buying property. You may recall that one of the paperwork crimes that sent Paul Manafort to prison was failing to register as an agent for a foreign country. Since Hunter never worked for Trump he is safe from those charges.

  • It isn't an official impeachment inquiry and won't be until the House votes to start an impeachment inquiry. Just because Mrs. Pelosi says it's one doesn't make it so. They have vote on it.

  • Impeachment for WHAT ?? because he;s WHITE !!, or because he won over the KILLER Hillary, And by the way what has the dem-O-Rats done for America since Truman bombed Japan ?? not a damn thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Impeachment for WHAT ?? because he;s WHITE !!, or because he won over the KILLER Hillary, And by the way what has the dem-O-Rats done for America since Truman bombed Japan ?? not a damn thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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