WATCH: Protester Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries After Confederate Statue Topples On His Head

This attempt by the Left to erase our country's history had severe consequences for one man.


A mob of crazed, hammer-wielding liberal loons gathered to tear down yet another “racist” statue in Portsmouth, Virginia Wednesday night. This time, the primary target was Jefferson Davis: the former Democratic president of the Confederate States. The mob succeeded, but not without suffering their own casualties.

One man, identified by Black Lives Matter 757 chapter as Chris Green, was part of a group of protestors trying to take down the Confederate monument near Virginia’s coast. Green had been at the front of the statue when it toppled forward, striking him on its way down.

The surrounding mob, completely unaware of what had occurred, kept on cheering the fallen statue. You can watch the video of the incident below:

According to local news station WAVY, Green and others were using bolt cutters, hammers, and other objects to chip away at the Portsmouth Confederate monument. The mob had already beheaded four Confederate statues before pulling the Jefferson Davis statue down by using a rope.

Green was front and center to the Davis statue as the mob succeeded in bringing it down. One witness told WAVY, “It came and fully hit him in the head, and we could see that his skull was actually showing. He was convulsing on the ground.”

After Green was injured, the crowd continued to cheer their victorious effort—until some realized one of their own was on the ground and in bad shape. Protestors and nearby police began clearing the crowd out at that point, and Green was thereafter taken to a local hospital.

Virginia State Police report that they are investigating the incident and say the Portsmouth Commonwealth’s attorney will determine if any charges will be filed, WAVY reports. Green’s wife, Tonieh Brisbane-Green, told 13News Now her husband flat-lined twice while on the way to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital after the accident. She told the station that he’s currently in a medically-induced coma. Ms. Brisbane-Green also told 13News Now that though she supports people’s right to protest, people should “do it in a peaceful manner.”

Our history might not be perfect. No history is. But it’s ours, and taking down every statue across the nation won’t change that. People want the truth, even if it is a difficult truth. Efforts to erase our country’s history continue to backfire on the lawless Left, and this time it had disastrous consequences for one man.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on June 12, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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