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Cuomo de Blasio
June 26, 2020
A federal judge just smacked down Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio for banning religious services but approving mass protests.
June 26, 2020
FBI Director Christopher Wray just dropped a bomb when he revealed that the Chinese may be behind the riots plaguing our nation.
June 23, 2020
Joe Biden has not had a press conference for almost three months. On Sunday, one of his aides sidestepped the question of why he is ducking the press.
June 12, 2020
A protester was left with life-threatening injuries after a Confederate statue fall on his head as it was being torn down.
June 12, 2020
The U.S. Justice Department said it has filed dozens of charges for riot-related federal offenses in the aftermath of the George Floyd riots.
National Guard Trump
June 10, 2020
President Donald Trump’s “dominance of the streets” strategy has just paid off in a big way, as the National Guard is pulling out.
June 9, 2020
The Chinese have been shamelessly using the Michael Floyd riots to bash the U.S. They are loving the chaos that is in our country right now.