WATCH: Former Federal Agent Says Trump’s Big Mistake Was Thinking All Federal Employees Were ‘Patriots’

Former federal agent Gary Collins, who served with the State Department Diplomatic Security Service, Department of Health and Human Services, and Food and Drug Administration for nearly two decades, recently spoke with The Political Insider’s Brett Smith regarding the FBI’s corruption during the Trump administration and mistreatment of those who are deemed internal threats by the current administration.

Collins, who left federal employment in 2012 after becoming disillusioned with what he considered to be unethical practices and borderline-unlawful behaviors by federal employees, told Smith how former President Trump could have permanently reformed the federal government during his one term in office.

Trump’s biggest mistake and biggest missed opportunity? Not immediately firing and replacing every Obama appointee.

“I said when he first got elected, I was talking to friends, If he doesn’t walk in there and hand out at least two to three thousand pink slips immediately, he’s in trouble,” said Collins.


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“And they’d go ‘why?’ and I go because he’s not a politician and he said some things that are going to p**s people off.”

Collins continued to point out how during Obama’s two terms in office, Obama “had infiltrated every cabinet level office there was. He made sure he planted people everywhere.”

Because of this, Collins asserts that none of the Obama appointees who were allowed to stay during Trump’s transition into the presidency in 2017 were ever going to give Trump a fair chance to lead.

“If you don’t get rid of these people, they’re gonna bury him,” Collins said he predicted at the time.

“He walked in there blind, he thought this was a business and that these are all patriots… there’s a lot of bad people in there.”

Any Lessons Learned?

Collins believes that were Trump to run and win the Presidency again, he would have the knowledge and mandate to utterly restructure and reform the government permanently, starting with our law enforcement and intelligence communities and working his way across the board from there.

Trump has stated that should he choose to run for the White House a third time, nothing would get in his way of choosing to do so, even if a potential indictment by the DOJ were to add extra challenges to his efforts.

After the raid on his Florida home of Mar-a-Lago by the FBI, which Collins believes was a politically motivated action, Trump and his base have become more unified than ever before to call out the FBI and DOJ for what many consider to be intentionally malicious behavior.

Trump had already been harassed and targeted by the FBI for years, first when they unlawfully ‘spied’ on his 2016 presidential campaign alleging collusion with the Russian government, and later when disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok was colluding with other anti-Trump agents in the FBI to push the Steele Dossier, which only added to the Russian-collusion hoax.

Now, Republicans, who by and large who have never been considered hard critics of federal law enforcement, are calling out those such as Attorney General Merrick Garland, who former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich went as far as to call Garland’s DOJ “the most corrupt DOJ in history.”

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    • unfortunately 80-90%+ ......... they've retired onto the job and anything / anyone that that is going to make them work or accountable is a no go for these worthless so-called "public servants" ie ...govt employees/deep staters

      and that's coming from a former GS-14 level "public servant"

  • Mr Trump will be better prepared the next time, no democrats left standing and rino's as well....................

  • The Obama scumbags are still in the government and his pledge to reform the US is still in place. 50,000 pink slips for the next Trump win in 2024 if not before.

  • I know the left and the Trump haters will never believe this, but Trump is a compassionate man and wants to give everyone a chance, thus, he didn't fire all the Obama appointees, but we all now know that there are unpatriotic people serving in all the federal government agencies.

  • And thats why they are called sleeper agents...the same tactics Russia used during the cold war and this current socialist government is doing now

  • As astute as Donald Trump was he did not appreciate how entrenched the deep-state is in our bureaucracies. He has a better understanding now, and if reelected is not going to make the same mistakes twice. That is why the WOKE bureaucrats are so scared of him. If/when he gets back in he is REALLY GOING TO DRAIN THE SWAMP, and they are all going to be out of power.

  • Trump was and is a businessman not t having had experience with the insidious side of politics. Ultimately he became.a victim of this system. The malicious and dangerous individuals who are the other party went after him like a pack wolves and it continues even now.
    Most unfortunately he did not have people like Gary Collins around him during his Presidency.

  • I said the same thing--on day ONE, Trump should have FIRED every single Obama hire or appointee! He was WAY too trusting, and if this was his biggest mistake, the second biggest was he just picked the WRONG people for his own staff! Too many of those he considered loyal were spies for the "never-Trump" crowd or just RINO Demmunist enablers! Most of those he hired/appointed were NOT his friends.

    • Would DeSantis be attacked non-stop by the loony Left? Of course he would--because he opposes their destructive agenda for this country! But I do think he might be more astute about picking staff and cleaning house when he first got in office.

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