(WATCH) Another Biden Judicial Nominee Can’t Answer Basic Legal Question

Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a habit.

That habit being President Biden’s judicial nominees appearing totally clueless about basic legal questions. And that habit continued with Kato Crews, a nominee for district judge of the U.S. District Court of Colorado, completely unaware of what a fundamental legal procedure known as a “Brady motion” is.

Crews, during a confirmation hearing on Wednesday, was asked by Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) how he would “analyze a Brady motion.”

The nominee replied that he had not “had the occasion to address a Brady motion” during his tenure on the bench.

The motion is one in which a defendant requests prosecutors in a criminal case turn over potentially favorable evidence.

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Biden Judicial Nominee Kato Crews’ Embarrassing Answer

Sensing something amiss, Senator Kennedy moved in for the kill on Biden judicial nominee Kato Crews. And by kill, we mean he asked him a very simple question.

Kennedy asked Crews if he knew “what a Brady motion is.”

It was clear he does not. In fact, he seemingly confused a ‘Brady motion’ with the ‘Brady Act,’ a bill enacted in 1993 that mandated federal background checks on firearm purchasers in the United States.

Crews stated that the concept of a Brady motion was “not coming to mind.”

“I believe that the Brady case involved something regarding the Second Amendment,” Crews told Kennedy. “I have not had an occasion to address that.”

Missed it by that much.

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It’s Becoming a Pattern

And while Kato Crews temporarily morphed into Kato Kaelin intellectually, it’s far from the first time that a Biden judicial nominee has struggled with basic questions.

Kennedy actually tripped up Spokane County Superior Court Judge Charnelle Bjelkengren when asking her about Articles II and V of the Constitution.

“Tell me what Article V of the Constitution does,” the Louisiana Republican challenged during a hearing earlier this year.

“Article V is not coming to mind at the moment,” Bjelkengren replied.

Kennedy pressed: “OK. How about Article II?”

“Neither is Article II,” she said.

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, during her confirmation hearing to the highest court in the land, said she doesn’t “quite remember the basis for the Dred Scott opinion.”

The Dred Scott case is perhaps the most famous of all Supreme Court cases.

President Biden has described Jackson as “extremely qualified, with a brilliant legal mind.”

In a questionnaire, Crews stated that he had a limited role in criminal cases and that the six cases he presided over that had gone to verdict or judgment were not criminal in nature.

“It’s certainly possible that he never saw a Brady question,” Carl Tobias, a law professor at the University of Richmond, told Bloomberg news. “It may be asking too much to expect him to be intimately familiar with that.”

Would a Trump judicial nominee be given such leeway?

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  • I believe we can all agree that the imposter in chief is a bumbling idiot, I'm fairly certain he has no clue who he nominates for anything, so who's really pulling the strings on this mockery of an administration?...

  • Biden is filling the courts with unqualified blacks. George Floyd is dead, the country needs to get over it and return to valuing intelligence and competency over skin color and gender.

    • What causes you to believe that intelligence and competency are incompatible with gender and hue? Not every judge has the same experience with certain types of cases. Please view the responses of many Trump nominees. Their lack of knowledge was execrable and shameful.

  • Biden needs to quit worrying about the right color or gender for the job when he's nominating judges who CLEARLY got their law degrees because of their color or gender! This isn't "EQUALITY" it's the plain and simple reason our courts as well as many other positions of authority are so messed up today! Why should they stay in school and learn anything if all they really have to do is wait for the right HARD LEFT DEMOCRAT to cheat their way into office and the RACE CARD will give them anything they want without the first idea of the position they're being put into! White people have to pay their way through college and earn what they get out of society, that's why whites are called "Privileged" and discriminated against in every profession, but they're intelligent enough to get around the hurdles in life and work their way up the ladder instead of being placed at the top before they're qualified! If we were truly EQUAL and treated exactly the same and only get from society what we were smart enough to earn with ZERO SPECIAL TREATMENT for anyone we'd only be 2 generations away from eliminating all the ghetto's in America because they'd HAVE TO STAY IN SCHOOL and learn how to succeed and have enough brains to know how to make NOT TAKE a better life for them and their family's! Stupidity breeds violence,if we are ever going to cut crime we need to not be as stupid as the Democrats have been in their approach of saying "Give them" an education and help them succeed because if they don't EARN IT they'll never understand what it takes to put forth any effort and all they end up being is expectant of society not members of society! Blaming white people is getting old and if you read a History book you'll see that they've had every opportunity that whites have had since 1865 as well as many others that whites didn't have and just because their ancestors didn't want to take the time to achieve anything don't make white people responsible for it! STOP ALL THE FREEBIES and they'll be forced to learn something and stay in school and this won't be a problem in the future! Equality should be ABSOLUTELY EQUAL PERIOD.

    • "if you read a History book you’ll see that they’ve had every opportunity that whites have had since 1865 as well as many others that whites didn’t have and just because their ancestors didn’t want to take the time to achieve anything don’t make white people responsible for it! "

      1. You must be flicking kidding. You simply don't know what you're talking about.
      2. Most people, including college gradutes, have not read a book in the past decade, much less a history book.
      3. What? "They" have had every opportunity since 1865? It appears that you have not read a history book within the last decade or two either.
      4. What is it in the whte world that so wishes to believe that black and brown people are being "given" things we don't deserve? Heck, as you read your own reply, do you see your own belief that white people "you didn't say "all," but that's what you meant) "work" for what they get? Puh-leeze. There are so many proven examples of otherwise that I don't have the space to mention them. Let's just say "Donald Drumpf." Yeah, he was the pinnacle of knowledge, competence, and integrity.
      5. You obviously spent a great deal of time and passion on your response, but you are twisted and wrong.
      6. I'd go on, but...
  • Laws are for Thee - and NOT for ME ! It now appears that knowlege of The Law is NOT a prerequisite for a ( Legal ) senior JUDGE in the USA. Why do we have them then - when all the decisions are made by "Clerks to the Court" - sack them all and save trillions.

  • Biden has nominated and appointed people who are ignorant, radical and incompetent. Why should we be surprised?


  • can NOT answer questions SOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    NO JOB simple
    we don't need more clueless people in the government and esp. judges
    again we don't need more dumb people simple

    • I gauge the number of "dumb people" in the general population by reading the responses on this website. That's a pretty good representation.

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