Viral Video Shows USAF Civil Air Patrol Former Commander Urging Officials To ‘Stop Hiring Middle-Aged White People’

A video of former Civil Air Patrol Commander Col. Mark "Woot" Wootan urging officials not to hire middle-aged, white male pilots has resurfaced and gone viral.
Screenshot: @realtrmlx Twitter Video

A video of former CAP-USAF Commander Col. Mark “Woot” Wootan urging officials not to hire middle-aged, white male pilots has resurfaced and gone viral.

The video, which was originally posted in February of 2022, was shared on social media again and has quickly amassed nearly 2 million views.

If anything, it shows the woke mind virus and reverse discrimination that is currently invading military officials past and present has been pervasive for some time.

Wootan made the comments to an unidentified audience and noted that he, himself, is a middle-aged white dude.

“The only real guidance I could put out there for them to consider is stop hiring middle-aged white people, especially dudes that are pilots,” he said adding, “because honestly, we all think alike too much.”

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Former Civil Air Patrol Commander: Don’t Hire White Dudes

Can you even imagine for a moment how drastically different Wootan would be covered by the media if he had claimed to advise officials to “stop hiring black dudes” because they think too much alike?

And rightly so.

Instead, it’s the white dudes that get singled out for racially motivated exclusion.

Wootan further preached diversity in the ranks immediately after saying not to hire white pilots.

“If we’re going to be preaching diversity and being inclusive then for crying out loud let’s back it up with that, let’s make the rhetoric meet the reality,” he stated.

You’re uh, you’re not practicing what you preach, Commander. Former Commander, that is, as Wootan led CAP-USAF from April 2019 until April 2022.

The Twitter account for Civil Air Patrol was quick to point out that Wootan was retired and while he “did serve the Air Force as CAP-USAF commander, he did not then and does not now speak on behalf of #CivilAirPatrol.”

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It Tends To Not Work Out So Good

Incidentally, do you know who else thought it was a bad idea to hire middle-aged white guys?

Stockton Rush, the late CEO of OceanGate.

You know … OceanGate. The company that operated the submarine that was known as The Titan.

Rush once said he doesn’t hire “50-year-old white guys” because they’re not “inspirational.”

“When I started the business, one of the things you’ll find, there are other sub-operators out there, but they typically have, uh, gentlemen who are ex-military submariners, and they — you’ll see a whole bunch of 50-year-old white guys,” Rush said during a 2020 interview.

He later added that he wanted his team to “be younger, to be inspirational.”

Conservative comedian and “Saturday Night Live” alum Rob Schneider has tackled the perils of diversity hiring in his stand-up routine.

“The CEO of United Airlines… the CEO, he announced of all the hiring for all the new pilots that are coming up this year, all the hiring for the new pilots, the main focus is going to be diversity,” Schneider said.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of flying all the time with these white pilots, landing safely and on time. Boring,” he joked. “I want diversity when I fly.”

All jokes aside, the fact that our military seems to be more focused on being woke than on actually hiring the best people to protect our country is deeply disturbing. One can’t help but think that America’s enemies must be loving all of this right now.

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