Viewers Think Jill Biden Had To Race To Lead Confused President Away from Podium

Social media users were in a frenzy after President Biden appeared confused as he concluded an anti-Trump speech this past weekend and was guided away from the podium by First Lady Jill Biden.
Screenshot: Daily Mail Video

Social media users were in a frenzy after President Joe Biden appeared confused as he concluded an anti-Donald Trump speech this past weekend and was guided away from the podium by First Lady Jill Biden.

Biden was delivering a speech celebrating the three-year anniversary of the January 6th riot at the Capitol, the holiest of days on the Democrat calendar.

“Today, we gather… just one day before January 6th, a day forever shared in our memory because it was on that day that we nearly lost America — lost it all,” Biden told supporters at the campaign rally.

Biden then became lost himself.

Daily Mail reported that Biden “appeared to be completely zoned-out at the end of his first campaign speech of 2024.”

The publication noted that Dr. Jill Biden “rush(ed) up to him to take him by the hand” and whispered something in his ear, “only to have her husband suddenly turn to the crowd and begin speaking once again, talking over the exit music that was already playing over the loudspeakers.”

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Confused President Biden Rescued By Jill

While President Biden getting lost and confused at a podium is becoming a time-honored tradition, the Daily Mail’s assessment that he “went into (a) trance-like state on-stage” might be a little hyperbolic.

The video shows that Jill caught the eye of the President as she rushed the stage, and he appears to simply be waiting for her to get up there and guide him away from the podium like some sort of tapioca brain whisperer.

While the determination that Biden zoned out is unclear, it’s rather certain that Jill’s lone job on this planet is to make sure that her husband can find his way off stage.

She does so time, and time, and time again. And when she’s not able to guide him? Bad things happen.

X social media viewers mocked President Biden for appearing confused at the end of the speech.

“He doesn’t even know how to get off the stage,” one person wrote.

“She is there to keep him from getting lost,” another said of the First Lady. “He walks like you would expect a corpse to walk.”

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Things Didn’t Get Better

Things didn’t get much better for President Biden following his January 6th speech, as a video emerged of him looking even more confused after landing in Delaware later that evening.

Biden flew on Marine One to Delaware to spend the weekend with his family following his divisive speech. Upon landing, X users couldn’t help but notice his odd behavior once again.

“After two weeks of vacation and a 32-minute speech, Biden is back in Delaware for a weekend respite,” the Republican National Committee wrote. “He was VERY confused upon landing.”

These videos, mind you, come on the same weekend that The Hilled attempted to argue that President Biden is actually a “superager” – something they describe as “a subgroup of people aged 80 years and older that operate physically and cognitively at a level that is common among those much younger.”

Our eyes tell a different story. There are 90-year-olds plus that physically move better and cognitively function at a much higher rate than this man.

Biden is 81 going on 125.

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