Photo of Joe Biden Climbing a Ladder to Decorate a Christmas Tree Has People Nervous

A photo of President Joe Biden climbing a ladder and First Lady Jill decorating a Christmas tree resurfaced and prompted several viewers to express concern for his safety.
Public Image: @POTUS X Post

A photo of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill decorating their Christmas tree resurfaced and prompted several viewers to express concern for the bumbling President’s safety.

The photo was originally posted last year by the President and it shows him standing on a ladder holding a stainless steel bowl presumably filled with decorations.

The picture was re-posted on the X social media platform by Democratic commentator Victor Shi who couldn’t help but fawn over the First Couple.

“They are truly one of us (and) I love it so much,” he captioned the image.

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Biden Decorating Christmas Tree Atop a Ladder

Shi continued the love fest on his social media account.

“I just really love a President and First Lady who do normal things. Can you imagine Donald Trump decorating a Christmas tree—no less getting on a step ladder?”

But others were quick to note that Biden has been fighting an endless war against stairs, making his use of a ladder downright frightening.

“He can barely walk, and he shuffles his feet. There’s no way he’s climbing a ladder,” one person wrote.

“Biden can’t walk without tripping over himself,” another quipped. “He wouldn’t be able to balance on a ladder like this today.”

Even anti-Trump lawyer George Conway seemed genuinely concerned about his preferred presidential candidate.

“I love this but he’s not the candidate I want to see on a stepladder,” he responded.

All of which was infinitely better than what some people did after seeing the image of the Bidens decorating a Christmas tree last year.

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National Christmas Tree at White House Falls

While he didn’t personally climb a ladder with his trusty stainless steel bowl to decorate it, the National Christmas tree last month took a big tumble just outside the White House.

Strong winds were blamed for the toppling of the Biden tree, but several observers suggested it might be a metaphor for a failing presidency.

Meanwhile, upon introducing the world to the White House Christmas decoration weeks ago, Dr. Jill Biden explained that the theme of the day was “magic, wonder and joy.”

Three elements you need in heavy doses in order to think that President Biden is capable of climbing a ladder … or fixing the economy … or being President … or tying his shoes.

“Each room on display is designed to capture the pure, unfiltered delight and imagination of our childhoods, to see this time of year through the wondrous, sparkling eyes of children,” Jill Biden said.

Which is the exact same look she sees on the President’s face when they announce it’s pudding time at the White House.

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