VIDEO: These Dogs Are Sent To Prison; What Happens Next May Surprise You


Rescue dogs throughout the county are finding a new leash on life in an unusual place – behind bars. Prisons are opening up their doors to dogs. Many of these dogs are from shelters, discarded by their owners, or rescued from puppy mills or abusive situations.

Described by many as a win/win situation, the dogs and inmates all benefit from the program. The inmates learn unconditional love from the dogs and must follow the rules in order to be accepted and continue in the program. The dogs get one-on-one attention and training in an environment that will prepare them for their new lives.

Castaways is a documentary that chronicles a prison program that has successfully rehabilitated dogs and given inmates both a purpose and a skill that is transferable outside prison walls. Esther is a Lab who clearly had been mistreated and lacked confidence and socialization. In just a short time in prison, Esther thrived.



Elsa Organiscak is a puppy raiser for Ohio-based 4 Paws for Ability, an organization that trains and provides service dogs to children with disabilities and veterans who could use the assistance. 4 Paws also has a prison program, Mission Pawsible. Organiscak recognizes the importance of the program to dogs and inmates.

“4 Paws for Ability utilizes the prison programs to help train their puppies in basic obedience and advanced training. As a puppy raiser, I have raised puppies that had their basic obedience in the program. At 4 months old these puppies have had some intense and positive one on one handling which shows with their eagerness to please, their human bond is very strong and they are well mannered along with the start of basic obedience which makes it so rewarding to see. Not only are the puppies getting a good start but the prisoners have a way to give back along with feeling accomplished. There are a lot of emotions that go with raising a puppy who steals your whole heart and having to let it go – it is truly a selfless act of kindness.”

Dogs who enter the program lacking confidence often leave the prison with a new sense of purpose. They benefit not only from the intensive training, but also learn how to handle the stress and noise of being inside a prison. This translates into helping them adjust to their new lives. And the inmates have a sense of responsibility and accountability knowing that they have positively impacted the dogs.

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H/T: 4 Paws For Ability

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