UPS Is Used To Delivering Items So When This Happened He Was SHOCKED!

This story will remind all of us that everybody needs to be remembered during the holidays. Everyday Americans bust their tail to make sure that their customers have what they’re supposed to have on time, and I bet dollars to donuts they rarely ever get notice by the person they are giving the service too. Yes, I know we have caring people to make it a point to thank those whoever instrumental in their lives but for a UPS delivery guy whose job it is to deliver you probably appreciate if some I delivered something to him.

Lisa Gwin wanted to make a point of thinking her delivery guy Antonio for the great work that he does during the year. It was a great act of kindness because she didn’t have to do it. It takes a special person not only to think up the idea but taking that idea and making it happen is epic.

From Facebook:

Meet Antonio! He’s our UPS guy that’s been helping make our Christmas shopping easy this year. He’s the reason I made the basket of goodies and even had a pic to post for everybody to share. He really has done such a great job this holiday season! He informed me that he is seasonal help and is working to get hired full-time. I’ve put in a good word for him, so hopefully he’ll continue to be blessed! Doing a good job often times goes unnoticed, but sometimes people are watching even when you don’t know it!

In an update on Facebook, Lisa wrote “Our UPS guy just came by, and I could hear him happily laughing before he rang our door bell! (He always hands me my pkg instead of leaving them at the door!) He was so excited and said he wished he had his camera so he could take a pic! I told him it all would still be there the next time he came by! He grabbed a couple of snacks and went back to work.”

After posting her random act of kindness on Facebook, the photo of the basket quickly went viral. More than 200,000 people have liked the photo.

What a great story and a thoughtful customer. There are more out there like this evera more delivery men out there like Antonio who also need to be reminded how much they are needed and what a great job they do.

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