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New Evidence Suggests Turin Shroud Was Used to Bury Jesus Christ

The Turin Shroud is a centuries-old piece of cloth that is believed to have been used to bury Jesus Christ after his crucifixion.

Many scholars dispute its authenticity, saying that it was “discovered” in the Middle Ages to bolster Christianity at a time when the faith was floundering.

But new evidence suggests that the Turin Shroud may have indeed been used to bury Christ.

A new study of the Shroud of Turin lends authenticity to the claim it was the cloth used to bury Jesus Christ following his crucifixion.

Researchers found a high level of creatinine and ferritin in the blood particles present in the linen fabric, indicating that the person wrapped in it was a victim of torture.

“The wide presence of creatinine particles bound to ferrihydrite particles is not a situation typical of the blood serum of a healthy human organism,” said Professor Guilio Fanti of the University of Padua

H/T Western Journalism

One thing is clear: Whoever was wrapped in the Turin Shroud was tortured. This suggests that it very well could have been used to wrap Jesus’s crucified body.

Scientists are forever trying to disprove the story of the Bible and Christ’s divinity. This is one more piece of evidence that helps prove Jesus indeed walked the earth and died for our sins.

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