Tucker Carlson Rips Lindsey Graham For Helping Biden ‘Remake Judiciary’ By Confirming Radical Liberal Judges

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At the end of his show on Tuesday night, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson made a startling accusation when he said that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, was failing to stop any of President Joe Biden’s judicial picks from sailing through the conformation process.

Carlson went on to say that while Americans are focused on what is happening in Afghanistan, Joe Biden is getting an exceptional amount of judges confirmed, and is essentially remaking the judiciary.

Since Joe Biden became president, he has nominated 33 judges. Of those 33, nine have been confirmed, and more are likely on their way to confirmation. Carlson added that no president in 40 years has come close to this number of judges in his first term, and Lindsey Graham is apparently allowing them all to sail through.

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Biden’s Activist Judges

Tucker Carlson gave a brief description of the “judges” Biden has nominated and Graham has helped to get confirmed . As one might imagine, they are more left-wing ideologues and activists than judges. Among the recently nominated is Myrna Perez, who was appointed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and is a long time member of the leftwing group Brennan Center for Justice. 

Perez is the director of the Center’s Voting Right and Elections program, and is the nation wide leader of the research, advocacy, and litigation work. Her area of expertise is voting rights and election administration. 

As you might guess, Perez believes that anyone who is in favor of voter ID is racist. Prior to her confirmation hearing, she wrote an article for a social justice magazine in which she ranted against “the GOP campaign to make elections less free.”

Another of Biden’s left-wing judges was a woman named Ketanji Brown Jackson, a former trial judge who spent the years of the Trump administration writing political orders that would benefit the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler.

Jackson also happens to be an activist judge that many Democrats would love to see on the Supreme Court. She once wrote an opinion that compared the Trump administration to an illegal monarchy, and the decision was so off the wall that the D.C. Court of Appeals, which is not a conservative body, reversed it twice.

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No Judge Is Too Wacky

Recently this summer, when it came time to vote on Perez’s confirmation, every Republican on the committee voted “no,” except Graham. In fact, Graham has not voted “no” on a single one of Biden’s judicial picks. 

Carlson was quick to point out that, as the ranking GOP member on the committee in a Senate that is split 50-50, this is a fairly big deal, and the support of a Graham matters  a lot.

Graham also voted back in June to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. This time however, he had some help, or rather, Biden had some help in the form of Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) who also voted to confirm.

“Senate aides tell us that because of Lindsey Graham – one man – the Biden administration is able to rush its nominees through the Senate confirmation process faster than any other president in memory,” Carlson said. “So the most radical president of our lifetimes gets the most judges confirmed thanks to Lindsey Graham.”

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The Inconsistency Of Lindsey Graham

Why would Lindsey Graham vote to confirm left wing activist judges like Perez and Jackson? Carlson speculated that perhaps Graham does not care about advancing the interests of the Republican Party, and also, more importantly, his constituents. 

This speculation may fall in line with a comment Graham made in an interview a few years ago with Politico. He stated that his predominant political ambition was to, “stay relevant,” which is not a position that says the concerns of your constituents and country come first. Why do Republicans allow someone like this to remain on the committee in the first place? 

But Graham sang a much different tune on Tuesday night with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity. There, he declared that President Joe Biden “should be impeached” over the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. 

He emphatically called it, “the most dishonorable thing a commander-in-chief has done in modern times,” adding that “this is dereliction of duty by the commander-in-chief.”

Graham went on to discuss the difficulty in fighting any future wars when the U.S. has abandon allies on the world stage, the likelihood of future terrorist attacks on American soil, and the fact that Biden has, “signed the death warrant” for any Americans and Afghan allies who are left behind after the August 31 Taliban deadline.

It seems kind of odd to call for the impeachment of the guy Graham seems to have no problem helping confirm radical judges. Carlson said he would love to ask questions of Graham himself, but the senator has refused to appear on his show. 

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