Tucker Carlson Asks Americans To Vote Against ‘Disgusting’ Ruling Class By Voting For Trump

On Monday night, Fox News’  Tucker Carlson said that a massive rally for President Donald Trump in Butler, Pennsylvania over the weekend showed that this election is about the working class rejecting the ruling class.

Carlson declared that “our ruling class is disgusting. A vote for Trump is a vote against them.”

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Carlson Says Working Class Places Like Butler, Pennsylvania Have Been Forgotten By Elites

Highlighting the Butler, Pennsylvania rally, Carlson said, “The picture is from a town called Butler, Pennsylvania, it’s 35 miles north of Pittsburgh. The president held a rally there over the weekend.”

“Butler is like a lot of places you will find in this country once you head inland from the coasts,” Tucker continued. “It’s a former industrial town, the made Pullman railcars there for many years, but it’s been losing population for decades.”

Carlson described some of the troubles the working class who live in places like Butler face and said these Americans are mostly forgotten by the elites who run our politics.

The Fox News host noted the rise in suicides and opioid addiction in towns like Butler, and how the mainstream media ignores their pain.

“There have been so many opioid deaths in Butler that a few years ago, residents built an overdose memorial in the middle of town,” Carlson reported.

“MSNBC didn’t cover that,” he noted.

‘It Looked Like A Visit From The Pope’

Then Tucker wondered rhetorically why Trump was so popular with his supporters.

“It was interesting how the people around Butler feel about Donald Trump,” Carlson observed. “Here’s a picture of the president’s rally there on Saturday night. Tens of thousands of people came, so many people that the crowd obscured the horizon.”

“It looked like a visit from the Pope,” Carlson said.

“When was the last time a political speech drew that many people?” Tucker asked.

Carlson: ‘They Love Donald Trump Because No One Else Loves Them’

President Trump has continued to draw massive rallies, many in working class places such as Butler. The 2020 Democratic presidential nominee has not been able to remotely match the same kind of enthusiasm for his campaign.

“Why did all those people come?” asked Carlson. “Why? They must’ve known that Donald Trump is the most evil man who’s ever lived. They’ve heard that every day for five years.”

Carlson then discussed how the ruling class looks down on the working class for supporting Trump, and in general.

The Fox News host quickly got to the meat of why so many working class Americans adore Donald Trump so much.

“Millions of Americans sincerely love Donald Trump, they love him in spite of everything they’ve heard,” Carlson said. “They love him often in spite of himself.”

“They love Donald Trump because no one else loves them,” Carlson insisted.

Tucker Says That Whatever Trump’s Faults Are, He’s ‘Better Than The People In Charge’

“The country they built, the country of their ancestors fought for over hundreds of years has left them to die on their unfashionable little towns mocked and despised by the sneering half-wits with finance degrees, but no actual skills, who seem to run everything all of a sudden,” he added.

That’s when Fox News’ top-rated host went directly after political and business elites who control America and look down on average Americans.

“Whatever Donald Trump faults, he’s better than the people in charge,” Carlson said. 

He explained, “Donald Trump in other words is and has always been a living indictment of the people who run this country, that was true four years ago when Trump came out of nowhere to win the presidency and it’s every bit as true right now, maybe even more true than it’s ever been and it will remain true regardless of whether Donald Trump wins reelection.”

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Tucker: Vote Against The ‘Disgusting’ Ruling Class By Supporting Trump

“Trump grows because they failed, it’s as simple as that,” he added. “America is still the great country, the best in the world, but our ruling class is disgusting.”

“A vote for Trump is a vote against them,” Carlson declared. “That’s what’s going on in that picture, that’s what’s going on in this country.”

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