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Tucker Carlson Shares Hilarious List of 100 Racist Things

2016 was the Year of the Monkey according to the Chinese – and 2017 was the year of “everything is racist.”

Liberals who had been playing the race card all year during the 2016 presidential election went into overdrive this year, and it really did seem that nothing was off limits. Tucker Carlson’s (relatively) new show on Fox News routinely gave some of those crazies a platform, mainly to let them discredit themselves as Tucker looked on bemused.

As something of an end of year special, Tucker decided to list off “100 racist things.” Of course, none of those things actually are racist – liberals just hysterically decided they were all of a sudden.

Let’s look at just a few, shall we?

Enter the racist trees of Palm Springs, California. Their crime? Separating an upscale golf course from a historically black neighborhood. I guess they’d rather be hit by golf balls?

Another insidious example of creeping racism in everyday life? Ice cream trucks.

You see, that iconic sound that ice cream trucks make to notify you that they’re nearby comes from a song written in 1916 with some racist lyrics. Apparently isolating the melody still counts as “racist,” even though the lyrics were the problem.

Credit scores have also been perpetuating racism. Why? Because blacks have lower credit scores than whites (on average), and that limits their access to credit. Apparently the point of credit scores needs to be explained to liberals, and I could point out that there are plenty of ethnic groups with higher average credit scores as whites, but these people literally see the world in black and white.

Car insurance too – because white people pay less. Again, liberals don’t understand how insurance works.

Any minority group committing more crimes than white people is also racist.

Halloween costumes. See: Cultural appropriation.

Donald Trump making fun of Elizabeth Warren for lying about her race, but not Elizabeth Warren lying about her Native American heritage for personal gain:

Your childhood:

Your childhood (cont):

White people leaving areas:

White people entering areas:

Can you believe there are another 89 to go?