Tucker Carlson invited Kathy Sheehan, mayor of Albany, New York, on his show to discuss the virtues of presiding over a so-called ‘sanctuary city.’

For some reason, she accepted the invitation.

Sheehan was promptly destroyed for arguing such things as why she won’t order police officers to ‘check papers,’ and seemingly not knowing what the definition of a ‘sanctuary city’ is.

Then, there was this gem. The following words actually came out of the mouth of a mayor in a major capital city:

“Being here without documentation isn’t a crime.”

Oh, but it is.

“A sanctuary city by definition offers sanctuary to people here illegally,” Tucker explained to the perpetually confused mayor.

Sheehan responded that it’s not as bad as it seems because, being a sanctuary city doesn’t mean Albany is “hiding undocumented immigrants in the basement of city hall.”

Yea, that we know of. But I bet they would if they thought it would mean more votes.

Sheehan then began citing a document she’s likely never read before – the Constitution.

She claimed sanctuary cities are simply using Tenth Amendment protections against being forced by the federal government to do things not delineated in the Constitution.

“The truth is that this is political,” Carlson responded. “It’s hard to take a lecture from you about the Constitution.”


In reality, it’s hard to take a lecture from any pro-illegal immigrant Democrat on the Constitution. It’s not like they’re big fans of written law.

What do you think of Kathy Sheehan’s statement that it’s not illegal to be in the country without proof of citizenship? Share your thoughts below!