Trump Vows to Bring Back Crowd-Favorite General Mike Flynn If He Wins in 2024

trump bring back mike flynn
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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

You know him, you love him. They know him, they hate him.

The Lt. General who served briefly as President Trump’s National Security Advisor has become a lightning rod for just about everyone.

Trump fans love him. QAnon thinks he’s going to arrest Hillary Clinton. Democrats think he might actually be Vladimir Putin in a futuristic mask.

And where you fall among the above groups will determine how you feel about President Trump’s vow to bring him back into the fold should Trump emerge victorious in 2024.

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Trump Taps Flynn

At an event in Miami over the weekend, the retired general was speaking to a crowd when he whipped out his phone and got “45” on the line to give his fans a message.

The event was part of the “ReAwaken America Tour,” aimed at returning to traditional, Christian values.

Troubling stuff, I know. Rumor is, some of the attendees might even have questions about the efficacy of a certain novel medical treatment.

But we don’t have to let them ruin our fun. General Flynn and the crowd certainly didn’t!

When Flynn got the President on the line, the crowd went fairly nuts. It’s a little hard to hear the entire conversation, given that Flynn was trying to pump up the volume by holding his phone next to a mic, but you can hear what you need to hear.

Trump thanked the crowd for coming, but then said what would predictably send the liberal media running for their barrels of ink:

“General Flynn, he’s some general. He’s some man. He took abuse like nobody could have handled and he came out bigger, better, stronger than ever before.

We love him, he’s a leader, and you [to Flynn] just stay wealthy and healthy and well and everything, I want you to have great lives in general. You just have to stay healthy because we’re bringing you back.”

You can’t hear what Trump said after that on account of the crowd.


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In Like Flynn

If there’s a man with a life as comparably exciting as Donald Trump, it’s Flynn. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army, and saw his first action in Grenada.

Later in his career, he would hold a number of heavy-duty intelligence positions during the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War.

He came to serve as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Barack Obama, before retiring from the military in 2014.

Flynn was even considered an option as Trump’s running mate in the 2016 election, and would come to serve briefly as National Security Advisor.

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His legal troubles and non-stop attacks from the media since then, you’re probably already familiar with.

Media reaction has been surprisingly subdued, as far as Scary Headlines go. Only 50% of the top four returns I get are openly biased:

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As it becomes more clear to the media that Trump does actually have a shot at winning, the “Get Flynn” hit pieces will surely begin rolling off the presses again.

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