Trump Says He Doesn’t Care Who the Nominee Is: ‘We’re Gonna Win’

During his campaign rally on Wednesday, President Trump told the crowd the Democratic National Committee would steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders, and also that it won’t matter who they nominate because Republicans will prevail in 2020.

Trump on ‘Mini Mike’ and ‘Crazy Bernie’

“They just came out with a poll a little while ago,” said President Trump. “Mini Mike was at 15, and Crazy Bernie was at 31. That’s a lot. And Mini Mike just spent $500 million, but, the DNC is going to take it away from Bernie again.”

“And that’s okay,” Trump added, “because we don’t care who the hell it is, we’re gonna win. We have to.”

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President Trump spoke to thousands of his supporters at a massive rally in Phoenix, Arizona Wednesday, while Democrat presidential primary candidates Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Michael Bloomberg held the ninth Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Trump Says Americans are Joining ‘Our Great Republican Party in Droves’

Trump continued before the massive crowd, “We’re winning like never before. Washington Democrats keep on losing their minds. They hate the fact that we’re winning. We’re winning big — and that is why millions of registered Democrat voters are leaving — they’re joining our great Republican Party in droves, you see it all the time.”

“Sleepy Joe Biden the other day had 68 people (at his rally),” Trump mocked. “Now they have a new member of the (Democratic debate) — Mini Mike.”

The president continued to criticize the former New York City mayor–who he likes to call “Mini Mike”–for allegedly wanting a box to stand on during the debate to boost his height.

“No boxes, we call him no boxes,” Trump said of Bloomberg. “And I hear he’s getting pounded tonight.”

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Almost Everyone Agrees: Bloomberg Had a ‘Disastrous’ First Debate

Pounded indeed. In fact, even most liberal along with other pundits agreed that Bloomberg’s debut presidential debate performance was “disastrous.” Joe Scarborough said Thursday morning, “For a guy who is worth $55 billion and says he could run the world, he couldn’t even run his own microphone last night.”

Donald Trump believes he is going to win regardless of who the Democrats nominate. The Democrats own debate Wednesday night made a good argument for that outcome.

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