Trump Responds To Claims That General Milley Feared A Coup – ‘I’m Not Into Coups!’

According to a new book by two Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley feared that then-President Donald Trump would attempt a coup if he lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden.

As has come to be expected, Trump blasted Milley in response.

The book “I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year,” which comes out next week, was co-authored by Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker.

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Milley On Potential Trump Coup: ‘They May Try, But They’re Not Going To F—— Succeed’

According to the authors, General Milley began strategizing during Trump’s last months in office about how to guard against such an attempt by Trump or his allies.

The book claimed that Milley said of a possible coup to his closest deputies, “They may try, but they’re not going to f—— succeed.”

“You can’t do this without the military,” Millet reportedly said. “You can’t do this without the CIA and the FBI. We’re the guys with the guns.”

The book claimed that in a conversation with former National Security Adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster, Milley said, “What the f— am I dealing with?” 

McMaster reportedly replied, “You’re dealing with some of the weirdest s— ever.”

Trump said this is pure fantasy, saying on Thursday that he “never threatened, or spoke about, to anyone, a coup of our Government.”

“If I was going to do a coup, one of the last people I would want to do it with is General Mark Milley,” Trump said in a statement from his political action committee.

Trump also slammed Milley for apologizing after participating in the president’s June 2020 photograph at St. John’s Church in Washington.

Trump: ‘I’m Not Into Coups!’

“I saw at that moment he had no courage or skill, certainly not the type of person I would be talking ‘coup’ with,” Trump’s statement.

“I’m not into coups!” Trump added.

Trump continued, “Despite massive Voter Fraud and Irregularities during the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, that we are now seeing play out in very big and important States, I never threatened, or spoke about, to anyone, a coup of our Government.”

“So ridiculous!” Trump added.

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Trump Blasts Milley

“Sorry to inform you, but an Election is my form of ‘coup,’ and if I was going to do a coup, one of the last people I would want to do it with is General Mark Milley,” Trump continued.

The former president continued, “He got his job only because the world’s most overrated general, James Mattis, could not stand him, had no respect for him, and would not recommend him.”

“To me the fact that Mattis didn’t like him, just like Obama didn’t like him and actually fired Milley, was a good thing, not a bad thing,” Trump added. “I often act counter to people’s advice who I don’t respect.”


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