Trump Refuses St. Patrick’s Day Lunch Invitation From Nancy Pelosi

President Trump refused a St. Patrick’s Day lunch invitation from Nancy Pelosi, citing her past history of politicizing such moments and her efforts to “tear this nation apart.”

It will be the first time in seventeen years a sitting President has not attended the event, which is typically hosted by the House Speaker and has it’s roots all the way back to President Ronald Reagan.

Leo Varadkar, the taoiseach of Ireland, travels to the United States annually to attend the lunch.

White House Statement Rips Pelosi

“Since the Speaker has chosen to tear this Nation apart with her actions and her rhetoric, the President will not participate in moments where she so often chooses to drive discord and disunity, and will instead celebrate the rich history and strong ties between the United States and Ireland at the White House on March 12,” White House Spokesman Judd Deere said in a statement.

The statement went on to say President Trump would instead host the Prime Minister of Ireland for the annual Shamrock Bowl presentation, a tradition that began 67 years ago.

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Pelosi Is Fuming

Needless to say, Speaker Pelosi was not all that pleased with being publicly snubbed by the President of the United States.

In her own statement, she slammed Trump for his “petty” reaction to her career efforts to divide this nation.

“There has never been stronger support in the Congress and in the country for the U.S.-Ireland bilateral relationship,” a spokesman for the California Democrat stated.

“One would think that the White House could set petty, partisan politics aside for this historic occasion.”

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Who Exactly Is Petty?

The statement out of Pelosi’s office is especially rich considering the House Speaker recently took the State of the Union address – a historic occasion in its own right – as an opportunity to rip up the President’s speech like a petty and petulant child.

In fact, she even admitted pausing briefly when she came upon a transcript page in the address regarding a soldier’s touching homecoming … and shredding it anyway.

And she has the audacity to refer to President Trump as petty because he chooses not to share lunch with a person so full of hatred?

Pelosi also recently referred to herself as a “lioness” in an interview with Variety, and claimed the President is the “the most dangerous person in the history of our country.”

Who wouldn’t want to dine with such a charming individual?

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