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Ronald Reagan Loved St. Patrick’s Day – Check Out This Tale

On St. Patrick’s Day in 1988, President Ronald Reagan and an entourage arrived at a little pub known as Pat Troy’s in Alexandria, Virginia.

After some songs, a few drinks, and some corned beef and cabbage, the President took the mic and enthralled patrons with a tale about a recent trip he made to Ireland.

He talked about his visit to Castle Rock, where St. Patrick placed the first cross in Ireland.

Then he told this tale about an inscription he read at the site, which had a surprise ending…

Reagan’s St. Patrick’s Day Tale

“A young Irish guide took me to the cemetery and showed me an ancient tombstone there,” he said.
“The inscription read:

‘Remember me as you pass by,
for as are you so once was I,
and as I am you too will be,
so be content to follow me.'”

As Reagan paused, the crowd eagerly awaited his follow up.

“Then I looked below the inscription, where someone scratched in these words:

‘To follow you I am content,
I wish I knew which way you went.'”

The crowd, much appreciative of the story, roared with laughter.

H/T: Townhall

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