Pelosi Admits Thinking About, Then Ripping SOTU Page With Soldier’s Homecoming

Pelosi SOTU

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted pausing briefly when she came upon a transcript page in the State of the Union regarding a soldier’s touching homecoming … and shredding it anyway.

Pelosi, in an interview with CNN, described the moment she went unhinged at the conclusion of the SOTU and started ripping pages of the speech given to her by President Trump.

Though video evidence seems to indicate the lead Democrat pre-meditated her actions by inflicting small tears into the pages prior to the meltdown, Pelosi has insisted the historically disrespectful act was spontaneous.

The lone moment, according to the Speaker, where she gave pause, was a page involving one of the more emotional moments during the evening – a soldier’s homecoming.

But she did it anyway!

“My tearing it up had to do with — I thought if I could find a page that doesn’t have a falsehood on it, I’ll spare it, but I couldn’t find that,” Pelosi claimed.

“I almost did when the soldier was coming home, that was so beautiful, but get back to the bottom of the page and there he goes again.”

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Soldier’s Homecoming

Earlier this month, Pelosi demanded social media giants Facebook and Twitter remove an ad that transposed her shredding of the SOTU beside several emotional and terrific moments during the President’s speech.

The ad was meant to show the many touching stories Pelosi was disrespecting through her actions – honoring a  Tuskegee airman, a fourth-grade student who received a scholarship to go to a school of her choice, the family of a soldier killed by Iranian terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani, to name a few.

And, of course, the Williams Family from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, who were reunited during the speech with Sergeant First Class Townsend Williams who had been serving on his fourth deployment.

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She Owes That Family an Apology

Shredding a SOTU transcript because your blind hatred of President Trump motivated you to do so is reprehensible in and of itself.

Admitting you were in such a rage that you were willing to do so with a page that you know involved a touching military homecoming is even worse.

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise slammed Pelosi for her actions at the time and demanded an apology.

“I thought it was disgraceful. It’s unbecoming of a speaker,” Scalise said. “Frankly, Speaker Pelosi should apologize as well, because it’s not the image she should want to portray as the speaker of the House.”

She pre-ripped the page with the soldier’s story. She then saw the same page and noted what was on it at the end of the speech. And she ripped it anyway.

Pelosi owes that family an apology as well. Do you think she’ll ever admit it?

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