Trump Racks Up the Judicial Wins

Say what you will about the president since election day, but one thing is clear to any Republican or conservative: The man has done an exemplary job in putting qualified conservatives on the bench and he’s still doing it.

Trump Has Been Successful In Supreme Court Appointments

Not only have his three Supreme Court appointments been close to perfect, because they are jurists not political hacks, but the sheer number of lower court appointments has been amazing. Combine those with the likely Republican majority in the Senate, the great advances in the House, a state legislative romp last November, plus upcoming reapportionment, and you have the makings of a bulwark against Joe Biden and the authoritarian socialists he brings with him to office.

When Joe Biden acts unconstitutionally, our judges will be there. When he exceeds his power, our judges will stop him. When he tries to end run the law, our judges will be waiting for him. And this is due to President Trump. Even if he will not be in the Oval Office for the next four years, his legacy will continue to protect America.

FNC tells us how:

“President Trump continued to add to his tally of successful judicial appointments Tuesday with the confirmation of Thomas Kirsch II as a judge on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Kirsch, who had served as the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Indiana, is filling the position that was left vacant when Justice Amy Coney Barrett left the Seventh Circuit to join the Supreme Court.”

“Congratulations to this Great Hoosier, Judge Thomas Kirsch!” tweeted Vice President Mike Pence, who is a former Indiana governor.”

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Even Democrats Admit Kirsch Is Qualified

Even Senator Dick Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, said, “I know the man. He is a qualified person.”

Durbin still said he was aghast at the “extraordinary process” Republicans have employed to confirm him. He’s really aghast that we still have the Senate and are likely to hold it. With all the Biden hoopla they didn’t win this battle and it’s driving them barking bonkers.

Kirsch is the 54th judge the president has appointed who has ascended to a federal court of appeals slot and the 230th Trump federal judge overall. More will likely follow, as the president enjoys sweet payback over a stolen election.

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Staying on a roll, on Wednesday the Senate Judiciary Committee voted yea on the nomination of Raul M. Arias-Marxuach, who Trump picked for the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Also, Trump’s nominee for the Eastern District of Tennessee, Katherine A. Crytzer, had her confirmation up for a vote before the Senate Wednesday morning. She passed.

With just over a month left in his term, the president has confirmed hundreds of judicial nominees during his tenure in office. There are currently 56 federal court vacancies with 33 nominations pending. Those are also in his sites. By the time he leaves Washington most will be safely in office.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on December 17, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • Don't worry, the Dems are probably, at this very moment, working on a plan to MINIMIZE these Trump-installed conservative judges...any doubt?

  • Until the recent Supreme Court ruling against the Texas and 16 other states lawsuit, I would have agreed. Now I am not so sure about his choices. He either picked the wrong people or they deceived him and the public who supported them

  • Keep putting those judges on the court. The left is a sick entity of religious bigotry, hostility to gun ownership, voter ID laws, immigration enforcement, censorship, fracking and nearly anything else that offends the sensibilities of the Jews who run the institutions that transmit culture in this society. There is reason to believe that this election was replete with irregularities; appointing these judges hopefully will minimize the fraud that will be attempted in the future.

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