Trump Says: Outlaw Teleprompters When Running For President

Here is CBS News’ Mark Knoller asking Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest about Donald Trump’s statement last night in his Iowa Speech that people running for President ought to be banned from using teleprompters.

Of course, Barack Obama literally cannot put two sentences together coherently without a teleprompter!

Obama even sets up teleprompters in parking lots and on Airport tarmacs to deliver brief statements! Earnest just laughed it off. Donald Trump is right!

It has always been the supreme irony that Obama is hailed by liberals as a great orator when he is, in truth, a pathetic speaker. Without a teleprompter, Obama is one “uh, uh, uh,” “aaaaaaaand, aaaaaaand, aaaaaand” after another. It’s all so canned, and Americans are sick of it.

Do you agree with Donald Trump or should politicians continue to use teleprompters to get their point across? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and add this to your Twitter/Facebook pages for discussion.

H/T: Youtube

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