Recognizing from his past success that short, punchy nicknames can be rather effective, President Trump is already mulling over some new efforts for potential challengers in 2020. And Joe Biden just might get the brunt of it.

Referring to Senator Ted Cruz as ‘Lyin’ Ted’ and Senator Marco Rubio as ‘Lil Marco’ was a devastating tactic for Trump during the 2016 Republican primary. The names stuck in the voters’ consciousness, and his opponents could never quite find a way to punch back. And who could forget ‘Low Energy’ Jeb Bush?

With myriad potential Democrat contenders considering a shot at the White House in 2020, the President can focus solely on the opposition party.

Some have already been written – ‘Pocahontas‘ for Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Some need a rewrite – Will ‘Crooked Hillary’ become ‘Even More Crooked Hillary?’

And some of them just write themselves – ‘Spartacus‘ for example.

The President has been actively working on a new one for the man many see as the frontrunner to square off against him in 2020, Joe Biden.

Trump wants to face a weak opponent like Biden

The New York Post reports that Team Trump is actively anticipating a showdown against Biden.

Trump has already referred to Biden as his ‘dream’ opponent, taunting him for never getting more than 1 percent in previous bids and saying he only got where he was because “Obama took him out of the garbage heap.”

The Post reports that Trump is partial to the nickname ‘Creepy Joe’ for Biden, referencing his strange fascination with groping women in his presence.

Biden has such a rich history of living up to his ‘creepy’ nickname, that even female Secret Service agents have been made to feel uncomfortable around him.

According to the 2014 book “The First Family Detail” by best-selling author Robert Kessler, Biden “upsets female Secret Service agents by swimming naked wherever he goes.”

Somebody pass the bleach.

Then, there are these images

Reporter Amie Parnes


This biker chick from Ohio


Joe’s hands have just about made everybody uncomfortable:


Donald Trump Jr. has tested out the new nickname, claiming “we are all used to Creepy Joe saying stupid stuff …” on social media.

Will Trump calling him names make Biden want to fight again?

Back in March, Biden challenged the President to a schoolyard brawl, saying: “If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.”

Trump’s response is legendary …

Is Joe going to be able to handle Trump’s relentless attacks? He could barely handle Paul Ryan during debates in 2012, nearly having an aneurysm after every comment Ryan made.

Biden doesn’t stand a chance, and anyone who says otherwise is full of “malarkey.”

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