Since Bill Clinton’s day of reckoning appears to be upon us, perhaps it’s time to review former Vice President Joe Biden’s history of strange behavior.

Behavior that includes being grope-happy around young women and apparently getting naked in front of female Secret Service agents.

Maybe it’s time to explore these matters a little more in depth, particularly the Secret Service allegations of nudity. (Don’t worry, we’re not actually going to provide photos of it. You may safely put down the bleach.)

First, a little rehash on Sir Gropes-a-Lot. Here’s a few to keep you abreast of the situation …

Reporter Amie Parnes


This Biker Chick From Ohio, Prior to Being Pummeled by the Sons of Anarchy


This Clearly Mortified Child – Senator Chris Coons’s Daughter

It’s rather evident, Uncle Joe’s hands know no boundaries. It gets worse …

And …

Joltin’ Joe couldn’t even keep his hands off of Hillary Clinton at one point …

‘What Happened’ indeed.

Aside from his wandering hands, Biden is a skinny dipping enthusiast as well it would seem.

According to the 2014 book “The First Family Detail” by best-selling author Robert Kessler, Biden “upsets female Secret Service agents by swimming naked wherever he goes.”

“Agents say that, whether at the vice president’s residence or at his home in Delaware, Biden has a habit of swimming in his pool nude,” Kessler wrote. “Female Secret Service agents find that offensive.”

Others claim they’ve heard from agents that Joe also likes to walk around the house sans clothes.

The offensive actions caused agents to view Biden as “the second worst assignment in the Secret Service.”


Should Joe Biden escape scrutiny in this post-Weinstein world? Will the media look at his behavior should he run in 2020? Tell us what you think below!

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