Trump Hosts ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Screening With Jim Caviezel And Tim Ballard – ‘A Great Movie’

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On Wednesday night, the former President Donald Trump hosted a screening of the new hit movie Sound Of Freedom at his country club in Bedminster, New Jersey. The screening was attended by the film’s star Jim Caviezel and by Tim Ballard, the real-life former Homeland Security agent whose story is portrayed in the movie.

Trump Hosts Screening

Trump kicked off the screening by speaking about his 2024 presidential campaign.

“We’re leading by 50 points,” Trump said, according to Breitbart. “It’s been pretty crazy out there. It’s a vicious world. These are vicious people, these are very sick people — they’re deranged. We have a lot of them out who really don’t stand for what we stand for. But for some reason, the public understands it better than they’ve ever understood it before and are stepping up like I’ve never seen before.”

“We won the first time and then we did much better the second time… but the election was rigged — you can say what you want, it doesn’t matter. But the election was rigged,” he continued. “And we’re going to do it a third time. I will say this: we’ve never had the kind of spirit, love, the enthusiasm that we have right now.”

Trump sat in the front row for the screening along with Caviezel, Ballard, and Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, the director of the movie. Trump was visibly moved by the powerful film, which is about fighting against child trafficking, and he didn’t move from his seat until it was over.

“I hope you enjoyed it. It’s something I’m not sure if you’re supposed to enjoy or learn —  it’s a combination. But that was a great movie,” Trump said afterwards. “Now I understand why it’s doing so well.”

Addressing Caviezel, Trump added, “it was an honor getting to know you.”

“I hope everyone had a fantastic time,” the former president concluded. “It’s an incredible inspiration.”

Watch Trump’s full comments that he made after the film in the video below.

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Caviezel Praises Trump 

Despite not having the support of the liberal world of Hollywood, Sound Of Freedom has become the hit of the summer, earning $80 million in just two weeks. It’s expected to surpass the $100 million mark in the next few days, making it one of the most successful independent films of the past ten years.

On Thursday morning, Caviezel praised Trump during an interview with Fox & Friends.

“This is the new Moses. I mean, I’m still Jesus, but he’s the new Moses. Pharaoh, let my children go free,” Caviezel said. This was seemingly a reference to Caviezel playing Jesus Christ in the 2004 Mel Gibson movie Passion Of The Christ.

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Trump Rips DeSantis And Biden

The screening was also attended by the Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, former White House strategist Steve Bannon, and even Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner. Elsewhere in the screening, Trump took digs at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and President Joe Biden.

“He’s disappearing fast,” Trump said of DeSantis. “He suffers from one major problem — he’s got no personality. Historically, that has not been good for politicians.”

As for Biden, Trump mocked him over rumors that he fell asleep while meeting with the Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

“The head of Israel is there and he fell asleep. I would say that is somewhat insulting to Israel,” Trump said. “And that was one of his better days. So bad guy, bad people. They’re destroying our country and we won’t let it happen. Enjoy the movie everybody.”

Trump and Sound Of Freedom both have a lot in common, as they each have found great success despite being frequent targets of the hateful left. We applaud Trump for hosting this screening, and we hope you check out Sound Of Freedom as soon as possible, if you haven’t already!

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