The stars are aligned for Republicans to hold the House and Senate when the midterms come this November.

A “generic” Republican leads a “generic” Democrat in the polls, indicating that voters, on average, will go into the midterms with a preference for Republicans. (RELATED: Here Are Seven Reasons Democrats Are Doomed in the Midterms).

Among the other factors favoring Republicans is the fact that they’re out-fundraising Democrats, big league. The RNC has fundraised more than twice what the DNC has, and that’s because the “resistance” apparently hasn’t been putting their money where their mouths are. (RELATED: RNC Smashes $200 Million Fundraising Record in May – Dems Left in Dust).

At least one member of the DNC has spotted the iceberg ahead – and jumped ship. Jess O’Connell took over the DNC as CEO in May 2017 and didn’t even make it a year, resigning in January 2018. (RELATED: DNC CEO Jess O’Connell Resigns After Poor Performance).

The strength of the economy is a statistic central to any President’s approval rating, and, by proxy, those sharing his Party. For Republicans in November, a new poll about Trump’s approval rating on the economy brings good news.

According to CNBC: “The president’s economic approval rating surged 6 points to 51 percent with just 36 percent of the public disapproving, a 6 point drop from the March Survey. His overall approval rating rose 2 points to 41 percent from the first quarter survey, but the percentage of Americans who disapprove dropped 10 points to 47 percent, the lowest recorded by CNBC during his presidency. Trump’s approval rating remains negative, at minus 6, but it’s also the lowest negative rating recorded since he took office.”

This marks the first time since Trump took office that his economic approval rating topped 50%, and it’s long overdue, considering the strength of the economy. One of the pollsters said, regarding that fact, people aren’t giving credit where credit is due. “People are so locked in to their partisan views that it’s really hard to move those approval numbers,’’ said Micah Roberts. “The most consistent thing about his presidency is how much people who love him, love him and how much the people who hate him, hate him.”

Given that most Americans view the Trump economy as strong, this can only mean good things for Republicans during the 2018 Midterms. While the left is running around screaming about Russia, the American people are seeing more money in their pocketbooks, and will likely reward Trump and his allies in Congress with an even greater majority.