The RNC’s fundraising figures for May are in – and the momentum continues.

Last year, the RNC raised more money in a single year than any other during the organization’s history, a whopping $132.5 million. (RELATED: Republican National Committee Has Record Fundraising Year). That’s nearly double the $65.9 million that the DNC raised. Meanwhile, the RNC closed the year with nearly $40 million in cash, to the DNC’s $423,000. Topping things off was $6.1 million in debt on the DNC’s books – compared to zero on the RNCs.

The trends of 2017 have only continued. In February, the DNC had to take on $2 million in debt to keep operations running, and they took an additional $160k in March.

(RELATED: DNC Takes On Another $2 Million in Debt).

(RELATED: DNC Takes On Additional $160k in Debt).

The RNC raised $12.4 million in January, $12.8 million in February, $13.9 million in March, $13 million in April, and according to the latest figures, $14.6 million in May. In total, that brings the RNC’s fundraising haul for the year a cool $199.1 million so far. Meanwhile, the DNC raised less than half as much, $96.2 million.

As of May, the RNC also had a massive $47.4 million cash on hand and no debt. The DNC did manage to increase their cash on hand to $8.8 million, but that’s only 18.5% of what the RNC has.

In a statement, RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel said “Americans are enthusiastic about President Trump and the Republican agenda and they want to see this great American comeback continue. We are building on that enthusiasm this cycle. We will have the biggest ground game in our Party’s history. We are not leaving a single vote unturned and we are ready to defy the odds this November.”

The November midterms will be a test for Republicans – but the fundraising tallies thus far gives a strong hint as to where enthusiasm is leaning.

For all the media hype over the so-called anti-Trump “Resistance,” these people don’t seem to be putting their money where they mouths are.

Then again, how many of these activist types have real jobs anyway?