Trump Claims White House Cocaine Was For Joe And Hunter: ‘They 100% Know Who It Is’

Donald Trump contends the authorities already know who is responsible for the cocaine found last weekend near the Situation Room of the White House, even as an investigation is still ongoing.
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The former President Donald Trump contends that the authorities already know who is responsible for the cocaine found last weekend near the Situation Room of the White House, even as an investigation is still ongoing.

Trump took to his Truth Social media platform to link the cocaine to both Hunter Biden and “probably” President Joe Biden.

The GOP presidential candidate pointed out that there should be security footage throughout the area that could easily identify who placed their belongings where.

“THEY 100% KNOW WHO IT IS,” he claimed. “If they don’t release information, it means they destroyed the tapes & the Cocaine was for use by Hunter, & probably Crooked Joe, in order to give this total disaster of a President a little life and energy!”

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Trump Has A Theory On The White House Cocaine

First off, if the White House staff is using cocaine to inject a little “life and energy” into President Biden, they might want to have a word with their dealer.

Joe still looks perpetually befuddled and incapable of walking.

He makes Jeb Bush look like a strung-out Richard Simmons.

Second, while Hunter has a self-documented and extensive history of drug use, the White House has claimed the President and his family were not at the White House at the time the cocaine was found.

Of course, they also originally said it was found in the library, then the West Wing, and more recently, very near the Situation Room next to “where, for example, the vice president’s vehicle is parked.”

Despite the shifting story, we’re not going to follow the former President’s path. Not because it isn’t plausible, but because the fact-checkers might bring the fury if we don’t point out that there is no evidence that the cocaine is Hunter or Joe Biden’s.

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Investigation Still Ongoing

While Trump is busy pointing fingers at the Biden boys, the White House is actively trying to blame construction workers for the finding of cocaine near the Situation Room.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan made the not-so-subtle suggestion late last week.

“The Situation Room is not in use and has not been in use for months because it is currently under construction,” Sullivan said. “We are using an alternative Situation Room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, so the only people coming in and going out of the Sit Room in this period have been workers who are getting it ready to go.”

Somebody needs to check Hunter’s Uber Eats account to see if the delivery instructions mention the “Sit Room.”

While Trump and the Biden administration produce dueling theories on whose cocaine it is, the Secret Service continues to drag its feet on the investigation.

Reports now indicate the agency will provide a staff-level briefing on the matter mid-morning on Thursday.

If this were somebody wearing a MAGA hat near the Capitol, arrests would have already been made on extensively trumped-up charges.

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