Trump Campaign Rally Had Stage Adorned With Epic Mugshot-themed Christmas Decorations

trump rally mugshot decorations
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Some believe that with every indictment, Donald Trump has become more popular – much to the chagrin of the Democrats doing everything possible to destroy him.

The symbol of those indictments is Trump’s now famous mugshot, which has become perhaps the most famous mugshot of all time.

And he’s using it to his advantage.

‘Never Surrender’

Trump has an eye for aesthetics. He knows how to use imagery and pageantry to create a mood.

The Hill reports:

The stage at former President Trump’s campaign rally in Iowa Tuesday evening featured Christmas-themed decorations — many of which included Trump’s now-infamous Georgia mugshot.

At least two different kinds of Christmas wrapping paper covered gifts onstage in Waterloo, Iowa. Both versions had patterns featuring Trump’s mugshot prominently. The mugshot on the wrapping was photoshopped to include a Santa Claus hat on the former president’s head.

The mugshot was also featured on stockings that included a singular enlarged version of the mugshot. The stockings and gift wrapping both included the phrase, “Never surrender.”

The Hill added, “The image instantly became a rallying cry among loyal Trump supporters, and Trump has campaigned off the historic moment in the months since the photo was taken.”

Team Trump have wasted no time in capitalizing on the photo.

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Picture Perfect

The Washington Examiner reported on the unveiling of photo-themed merchandise from the campaign in late November:

The wrapping paper, revealed on Sunday, is available for $35 on the Trump campaign’s merchandise website. Another available Christmas wrapping paper features the former president wearing a Christmas hat with his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” printed on a green background.

Beyond being available for purchase, the wrapping paper will be given away to anyone who donates $47 to the Trump campaign, in a likely a nod to Trump running to be the 47th president of the United States.

No doubt, there are many fed-up conservatives out there wrapping all their liberal family members’ Christmas presents with Trump!

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As Donald Trump continues to poll well, expect to see more of him and his mugshot – which hasn’t seem to have hurt him one bit.

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