On Wednesday, President Donald Trump talked about the manner in which Bernie Sanders handled losing to Hillary Clinton in 2016, and suggested that we might be seeing a repeat soon with Joe Biden.

Trump Calls Bernie a ‘Good Puppy’

Fox News’ Sean Hannity asked Trump if Biden would be the Democratic nominee, and the President answered, “I think they will do anything to assume power. And if they think he can do better than Bernie – and I guess they have less control over Bernie – Bernie is more for himself.”

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“But I was surprised, when Bernie got beaten up last time, that he went out and endorsed Hillary and went around and did like a good puppy, like he’s supposed to do,” Trump went on. “I was a little surprised at that.”

Would Bernie Sanders Endorse Joe Biden?

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“And, even this time, he was saying about how wonderful – Joe Biden’s a wonderful guy, wonderful man,” Trump said. “And I’m a little bit surprised by – it’s almost like he’s – I don’t know if he’s admitting defeat. He might be. But I watched him yesterday saying – or just a little while ago, saying very good things about sleepy Joe Biden. And I was a little bit surprised.”

Is It Now Biden’s Race to Lose?

When asked if this was now Biden’s race to lose, Trump replied, “I think so. I just don’t know how he gets there. I don’t know how he gets across the line. Maybe he will. Maybe it’s — who knows.”

“He was always very gaffe-prone,” Trump said of Biden. “He was always — he was always in trouble in that way, but never like this. This is going — what’s going on now is crazy.”

Will Sanders fall in line like a “good puppy” if it looks like Biden will clinch the Democratic nomination? President Trump is right that we have seen the self-described socialist do this before with Hillary Clinton.

That didn’t turn out so well. Even in 2020, Clinton is showing no appreciation for Sanders’ endorsement, saying in January that “no one” in Washington, DC likes him.

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Will Bernie Endorse Joe?

Will Bernie Sanders bend the knee and support another Democratic centrist in Joe Biden who defeated him?

Just as important a question for Democrats overall – would Bernie Sanders supporters go along with their hero’s endorsement and vote for Joe Biden in the general?

Because it’s not clear they would.

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